Saturday, September 24, 2011

my favorite boy

we had a little surprise bday for z for his 27th birthday, i'm sorry did i say 27th? WHAAAA?!!

(ali made the invites... they were perfect. thanks lals - you are the best)

happy birthday sweet boy.
i like hanging out with you every day of my life. and watching shows with you. and carpooling to work with you. and doing projects in our little house with youuuuu.

did you know i love you? i do. i love you.

there is nothing that makes zach more happy than having all his family and friends around. so it was perfect. thanks all.

my brotherinlaw, who shall not be named (jon), said he almost accidentally ruined the surprise by saying something... but he was able to stop himself only because the repercussions of being featured on my blog came to his head. i think his exact words were, "OMG. ruined the surprise!"

OMG JON. i dont sound like that ever. and thanks for not ruining the surprise. that goes for all of you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

.summer recap

helllllo. first of all... this new blogger interface is stressing me right out.
 i mean, don't get me wrong, it is much prettier and i'm sure it has every intention of being much more user friendly... but right now it is just making me angry. mainly because it's erased this post like 3 times. like, is it really even worth it?

Ness, i'm finishing this post for you girl.

we quite enjoyed this eventful summer of ours. i wish i had pics of candice's pool (oh, and dave's;)), but i don't. it's a lovely pool, and every minute there was time well spent, in our opinion. their backyard is a dream-yard, and you bet we took full advantage. and maybe wore out our welcome a little bit, but only expect them to do the same with our house this winter... starting with friday night lights, ok?

we've decided to make this winter a tv series-full winter. so if you have any other suggestions of must see series, we welcome them. (i haven't seen Lost... i hear this is something i would like... i guess we'll see?).

we will miss sitting on the back porch, which is zach's favorite part of our house.

this chick, we've been seeing quite a bit more of her and love it. she is one of our favorite little people, and she knows it. the other night she was over and zach was holding our niece, ruby, and izzy started crying, "no! MY zach-yyy!"
i guess she likes us too. or at least zachy. i'm pretty sure that made his night, she knows how to get the guys eating out of the palm of her hand already, watch out smoots! we love that sassy little baby.

her dad, marcus, was very instrumental in helping us get our house. pleasure doing business with you mr. smoot. he's a great friend to z and i'm glad we live so close now! (please dont move back to ogden ever you guys, it was just too far:)). And michelle (Izzy's mom) is the best, i swear she's fed my husband more times than i have. sometimes i think we overwhelm them, because we don't have that many people to hang out with most nights, but we're just glad they still let us come over.

oh and what would summer be without bees games? or mary and andrew? we quite like them. and who would have thought king's speech was better than red riding hood, certainly not me! (you guys, i think i made andrew feel bad this one night because he chose red riding hood at red box because he thought that's what me and mary would want to watch, and who would know that i have a strong opinion about, um, everything. i "boo-ed" his choice. and in the end they went back to red box and re-rented a movie. i'm mean you guys. and then later i heard mary and zach explaining the type of movies i like, because it's all about me some nights i guess, and this is what i hear, "she likes movies like bourne identity, high action, and like you've got mail."

in other words, i am inconsistent. and bossy. :)

So, i need you to know that although i'm sad to say goodbye to summer, i am quite pleased with fall this year! i think i'm mainly just loving this time of year because it's been, oh i don't know, maybe 17 years since i've been able to enjoy fall to it's fullest extent (meaning NO SCHOOL!!). so WELCOME FALL. as much as i love love love summer, you've never looked soooo good.

oh and did i tell you that zach boy ran the red rock relay last weekend? running all night long and not sleeping does not sound fun at all, does it? or am i crazy? someone the other day asked me if z was a runner, i didn't really know how to respond, so i said, well he has run a marathon, and he's running the red rock relay... and he runs sometimes. is he a runner? i guess he is. i'm proud of his running. he's good at it. and his team took first place! just kidding. that wasn't funny, i'm sorry. they really did do gooood though!

and i stayed home to do house projects and go to mary poppins with my mom and aunt and cousin. it was absolutely lovely. so many great songs. i think "you're practically perfect" is one of my favs. but there are so many good ones. spoonful of sugar, lets go fly a kite, it's a jolly holiday with mary... the list goes on.

and i got a lot of projects done.

i did a lot of painting and had grey's anatomy (go ahead and judge me) playing in the background (bless netflix, and alex's friend izzye for having netflix), and found myself crying during one of the episodes. you know, the one where denny dies, hopefully your not watching the 2nd season right now. anyways, does this make me emotionally unstable? i had to stop myself and turn on something great and trashy after that breakdown like reruns of the bachelor pad.

Also, i've been spending a lot alot of time at ikea lately. at zach's expense. BUT, our house is looking great, RIGHT ZACH?! (guys, tell him it looks worth every ikea penny spent:):)).

No it has been fun painting and putting things together and wiring, etc. and we've had some great helpers. Rob has been over many a night helping z paint, wire, hook up, clean wood floors, etc, etc. And zach, finally ready to learn all his dad's old tricks from his years of experience, has been soaking it all in (at least i hope he has...).

And, you know my friend ali T? she has been over helping me figure out my life at my new home. shopping, planning, painting, planning, shopping, rearranging, etc. it has been great living near her again after about five years. we were just meant to be together. preferably across the street from each other for the rest of our lives, but down 4th north will work as well.

i'll show you my house sometime, when i actually complete something rather than doing two thirds of each room and then moving to the next because of something i like to call A-D-D.

but i love it. i love having projects around the house. i get so excited when i get some inspiration (or when ali does...).
and i ate a lot of peanut butter m&ms while z was running races, i bought the party pack you guys.
breakfast lunch and dinner people. but z said no more buying paint, i've bought a lot of paint. like, a lot of paint. it's not my fault i want to repaint every room in this house a different color!

someone buy paint for me please, k thanks.

sorry for the forever-long post. but did you watch the full hour of modern family tonight? if you didn't please record for next week so we can be friends. and add parks and rec to your dvr while your at it, it premiers tomorrow.

until next time!