Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for my bed, Christmas ornaments, ear muffs, that my husb helped me scrape my car this morning and leave work early for blizzard days.

Playing wallyball(?) with my fam and eating a milkshake, fries and a diet coke for dinner. The jazz (a new found love). My iPad (yes, still). Watching my husband dance in the car. Listening to him tell me about his script. Thanksgiving family 5ks and hanging out with my 2 fav cousins (I said it - but come on, who can argue Van and Asher). Having my motherinlaw show me and Kelsey strange episodes of Oprah. That i got to hold Caroline (thanks to the lovely matt and raquel) all during sacrament meeting. My sherlock holmes hat, as zach calls it. Hot tubs in the winter (or maybe always). And the chapstick by my bed. It's light green, in the shape of a ball, smells like honey dew melon and is way easy to put on at three in the morning when my lips are always bizarrely, but unbearably, chapped.

What else do we need?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ruby girl.

We love our rubs.
Or as zach calls here, his rub girl.
And we cant get enough of her.
Or this picture.
I think I've looked at it seven times since my sisterinlaw posted it a few days ago.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I thought I'd hate the wood paneling.

But I love it.
And I also love that we painted my light switch bright green.

And today's weather.
And my sale anthro earrings.
And that I ate at Pace's Dairy Ann today (my favorite restaurant...that's right).
And that we put up all our Christmas decorations and zach let me listen to my Xmas music as loud as I wanted (for a little while)...and actually suggested it.
And that I ordered the cutest star for our tree and cant wait for it to come....

The end.