Saturday, September 26, 2009

A few things

I need to tell you a few things.

First, this morning my husband woke up to a knock on the door and our mini netbook was on the doorstep!!!
I was so happy.
Not sure why it decided to just show up, but we are very happy it did.

Second, Ive been thinking about my life and if computer problems are the worst thing that is happening, my life is not that bad.

Its pretty good actually.

Third, at four in the morning I woke up to a kind of crashing sound. I sat up and could see that our kitchen light was mysteriously on. As I was sitting there trying to figure out how the kitchen light turned on Zach suddenly sat up, looked at the door, and then layed back down. About five seconds later he sat up and looked at me and then stood up and started walking towards the door. Seriously I thought someone was in our apartment. He just was standing in the doorway of our room staring into the hallway {trying to wake up}. I jumped out of bed and looked into the doorway and saw that our chalkboard that was on the wall in the hallway was now on the floor.

I really had been holding my breath the whole time.
The chalkboard had fallen and hit the light switch on its way down.

I wonder how long it would have taken my husband to realize that if I hadnt gotten up. {he's not all there before 9 a.m.}.

It was a strange thing.

Fourth, I wish I was helping my aunt move {or playing with her cute cute boys, Van and Asher} and going to my baby Lacy's buddy walk and going to the relief society general conference meeting with my mom and her sisters, but i'm not. im at "thank you for calling murdock hyundai, how may I direct your call?"

Fifth, I got my husband some really cool {he doesnt like it so much when I call everything cute} brown cords for his birthday, and he took them back and got some pretty cute brown jeans instead. But I like the cords better.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Hi people.

Because of the HIGH demand, I am going to tell you more about our computers.

It all started about 2 months ago when my husbands computer stopped turning on. We were very worried about the poor thing, so we took it into simplymac to have it looked at and to see if we could make it survive. We were told it was the hard drive and that we would have to get it replaced. So, we paid the $45 to get a diagnostic which goes towards fixing the hard drive. Turns out, it was the motherboard that crashed. And, since we didnt want to fix that, we lost the $45.

Fine.We can live with that.

What we then decided to do was buy a mini net book off ebay for $300, as well as a macbook that was under warranty until 2012 {unlike mine or zach boy's} for $500. We were then planning on on selling my mac and just use these two new laptops.

As you know...... a few weeks go by, and we hadnt seen or heard any news on our laptops.

So, of course, I investigate.

I tracked the netbook through fedex. It was said to have been delivered. It, obviously, had not been delivered.

So, I called fedex 5000 times and talked to 5000 different people for them to finally tell me that they would reimburse the seller and he could then reimburse me.


So I contact the seller and tell him the ordeal, make sure he files a claim with fedex, and then wait for fedex to start the reimbursing.
I get the feeling my seller is not as persistent with fedex as I am.
So I still call fedex everyday and email my seller to make sure this is happening.

I know, so annoying, I would hate me. but people, it has to be done.

So fine, we are kind of getting somewhere with one computer.
Other computer was sent by an idiot through USPS with NO insurance.
And USPS doesnt care what I say to them, they say we dont care about your sob story it is out of our hands.
Oh and my idiot seller will not email me back, no matter how many emails I send him.
So, through paypal we must go.
Only problem is it takes 30 days to get anywhere with that.
So we will wait, but we WILL get our money back.

And I hate ebay now.

For a little while.

So, you may think our story is over. and i wish it was people.

A few days ago I got a text from my husband saying that my computer was broken.
I took it in today to the lovely simplymac where they probably now hate me because I was really onery, and I think the guy was scared of me, but there i was having dejavu because he was telling me it was my hard drive and would be $45 dollars to get it fixed,
him: "but dont worry because that goes towards..."
me: "the new hard drive, i know, i did this last month. and it wasnt the hard drive."
I dont know why I felt I needed to take it out on Roger that my baby was broken, but I did. He told me it would cost $75 to get it backed up, but that they didnt guarantee getting anything off of it.

I almost started crying, I really did. My life is on there.

Anyways, long story that is not short {im sorry people, my husband says im a bad story teller because I tell too many details, i'll work on it}, We are going to see if we can find a way to back it up ourselves and then give in and give it to our friends {or maybe not friends} at simply mac and pay the $45 and pray that its worth it.

And if it does start again, Im not selling it. I realized how attached I really am to my little, beat up, ill macbook. We've been through a lot together...
Bringing it home the first day from the gateway, I have a good dad. I was so happy.
First day of college.
Watching the notebook and many other movies on it with mags on my bed in the dorms.
Playing on photobooth many a friday night with my roomies.
Writing paper after paper after paper after paper and sending them to my dad to edit {or tell me to start over}.
Never losing one of my documents.
Trying to talk to zach on ichat when he lived in slc
Living, sleeping, and breathing with that thing during finals week.
Fbook and blog stalking.
Talking to Ali on skype when she was in europe
And being one of the stable things in my life.
not so much anymore.
Good bye friend.
Please come back soon.
It's weird that you are my friend, but you are.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

we want to cry

August 31: purchased 2 computers off ebay from 2 different sellers.
September 22: still no sign of computers.
Like I said before, we want to cry.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Welcome to 25, love

Happy birthday Zachary!
even though you are an old man, i'm glad your my old man.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My New Love...

My sister-in-law, Candice, introduced me to Maverik's frozen yogurt awhile back.
And I might be obsessed.
I pass TWO Maverik's on my way to work everyday, and I cant help myself.
I give in.
every time.
Dont tell my husband.

I love Spoon Me, but is it $1.70??
People, Maverik Country Store is the way to go.

p.s. have you tried this??
I went out and bought yogurt, which I never do, after I saw this.
and i'm in love.
zach says I'm an advertisers dream.