Thursday, October 29, 2009

Interview. check.

Those of you who are forced to be around me often KNOW that I had an interview for an internship with porter novelli for their L.A. office........because the count down started like 2 months ago... but I just wanted to let you know that it is overwith!

Dont worry, I was prepared for this sucker, zach has been interviewing me for the past 2 months. candice and david can attest to these awkward Q and A's.

He also guilted me into going to kinko's at 830 in the morning to print my resume on nice paper.

He also ok'd my out fit this morning {even though my pants were not ironed}.

He also told me to not blab, because sometimes when im nervous i just talk people's heads off. you may know this.

If you are being interviewed soon you can reach him anytime at 698-0949.

p.s. dont get too excited, freinds. I pretty much cant get it because i didnt take the prerequisite course. there's always next year......

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh hey Taza, want to hang out?

This is Taza, or Naomi Davis. Me and my friend Lar helped her with a photo shoot of the 5 browns. Naomi was their stylist and we did their hair and make up. Or lar did and i just straightened and hairsprayed. They looked amazing though. Im excited to see their new album! They were so cute and way nice to work with.

I've been following Naomi's blog for awhile now. She's a doll. Her and her husband have this little dream life. They live in DC and he takes her on surprise trips to the Dominican Republic for her birhday. So maybe I want to be them. Anyways, it was fun to meet her. She was a cute girl. Different than I thought, but really sweet.

So, now were best friends.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

meet my husband.

you guys.
i think my husband set his alarm for 5:30 in the morning to do something for fantasy football.
Please tell me it was a dream.

But I also had a dream that he saved me and for some reason my friend lar by throwing us out the window onto a tramp and making the bed so the bad guy, who brakes into my house often, never knew we were there. so thanks. and i forgive you this once.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get off on 500 East in AF and go West

If you're looking for a haunted place to visit this month, I recommend going to the haunted forest. It's in American Fork, but its worth the drive and the money. They are even very entertaining while you wait in line, including playing the music video Thriller several times as well as live scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean. We loved it.

me: do you even work in the this haunted house?
man scaring us who did not work there: its not a haunted house its a haunted forest.
He won.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A word or two from Zach

Well, I finally decided to write on this blog. Im going to write on what I have learned about liz's sweet spirit since we tied the knot. First thing is, her robe. This robe you will find over liz's clothes anytime she is at home. For some reason she comes home, makes sure the cookie jar is filled with oreo's(which she buys in bulk but never eats), and puts her robe on and watches "What I like about you." It's ok with me, I like the robe's fabric. It's soft. Also, at the hours of 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm Liz is an axe murderer, or at least I believe she is capable of such acts. Yes these hours are right before lunch and dinner, and at 12:15 and 6:15 she is an angel. It's a true axe murderer to angel transformation. Yep those things as well as these: HOUSE, making me put toilet seat up, sitting indian style staring at apartment decorations for hours, wanting to watch a movie really bad and then start cleaning in the middle of it, talking during movies at theatre, won't let me sleep with the sheets untucked, being grossed out by the way food looks, but for some reason likes nasty looking homemade bean and cheese burritos. But she is the cutest girl in the world and for those reasons i love her. p.s. if you see us on the street and we ignore you its not because we don't love you, it's just that were too busy with work and school to say hello. Check out the promo for my next fight, call me for tickets

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A regular conversation around our house (apartment)

zach: liz do you know who that is?
liz: yes its jobe.
zach: and.
liz: jobe from arrested development.
zach: and who's husband is he?
liz: amy poeler's.

this is what we do. he likes to think he is culturing me by making me learn facts about movie stars.

and what are we going to be for halloween??
we are thinking miley cyrus and billy ray cyrus...
this was last year. brad and ang. we need something better... suggestions??

Saturday, October 17, 2009

cute mary and andrew

Our friends Mary and Andrew are getting married.
Congrats you two.
I cant wait for the beautiful wedding.
{And maybe I cant wait even more to have another best friend married!}

We love mary and andrew. Andrew once brought me a shake from sonic when i was sick, and tried on zach's birthday present for me so I knew it would fit. And mary stayed up late many a night to listen to me vent, or to help me plan the wedding. and she would get just as excited as me.

Sometimes me and mary get so excited we jump up and down and scream. we cant help it. sometimes its the only way you can express your feelings. like when I first got my wedding dress and mary tried it on and modeled it for our roommates. Or when andrew texted her something sweet. Or when I found the perfect brooch for my hair or decided on my colors. Or last night at 2 in the morning when I saw that it was mary calling. I couldnt help it. dont tell my neighbors it was me.

We love you guys!
{and we are maybe already planning trips!}

Thursday, October 15, 2009

so happy

I need to let you all know {without too many details} that paypal has decided in our favor and the 500 dollars for the macbook has returned, safe and secure, to our bank account. {If you would like more details, feel free to email me}.

A weight has been lifted.
Thanks for all your support.

I'm so happy.

P.S. I got extra credit on our presentation for natural and appropriate use of gestures.
Thank you Sue Baylis for forcing me to use awkward gestures in speech, they have decided to come natural now.

Also, I love the feeling when it rains. but sometimes i start gagging because I am pretty sure I can smell the worms and snails that emerge. It makes me sick.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One more thing..

I had to give a group presentation today.
It was about conserving water.
I like the idea of going green, but I never do anything about it.
except maybe buy recycled aluminum foil because it had a tree on it that was cute.
Or maybe a 0% plastic, reusable bag at gap for my group project.

I think im going to start using it.
Since I did buy it.

I also strolled around baby gap for awhile because I always do that.

I should have gone to the statistics lab today since i missed 13 questions on my assignment, but instead I watched ice age. I also should be calling people to tell them their liscense plates are in, but instead im telling you what i did today. sorry people who dont know their liscense plates are here. i'll call you soon.

p.s. there is a cute girl in one of my classes that always dresses cute and never talks. I sometimes steal her clothing ideas and wear them at night, when im awake and put on make up. She is probably one of those girls who recycles everything and has eco friendly nail polish {does that exist??}. zach thinks im weird when i tell him things like this. so im telling you. today i liked her cheetah shoes. maybe i'll buy some. {and maybe at target rather than Nordstrom}.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

House is back

I love fall.
I love jacket and boots weather.
I love the trees.
I love my sparkle pumpkins.
I love seeing pumpkins on doorsteps.
I love my friends fall party.
I love using my yellow umbrella.
I love coming home and eating warm tomato soup.
And I love season premiers.
Like House. {I was worried at first, but on Monday I felt like he started redeeming himself. Thanks, House.}
And the office.
And Community.
And Parks and Rec.
And a lot of other great shows.
Those are just the ones me and my husband agree on.

Zach tivos all these shows and waits for me to get home from work so we can watch them together. (and maybe so he doesnt have to watch them twice).

Have you watched House? My friend Shelly told me about this show in Mr. Lloyd's gym class in high school. I was loving it just hearing her explain the opening scene. Which still gets me every time. In the opening scene there is always a captivating story that introduces the characters and makes you feel attached to them which ends with someone passing out. I love it. During the intro music that follows the opening scene I start dancing to it. because I get excited for the show.

I didnt really realize I did that until zach one time asked me why I wasnt doing my House dance. Must have not been a very captivating opening...

And Zach always sings the song to the new tmobile commercial.

We're weird.
This is what happens when you leave us alone in provo.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

breakfast in bed, centerpieces and I's birthday

We celebrated Zach's nephew's birthday in St. George this weekend.
The big 2.
He is the funniest kid, Zach always looks forward to playing with his "mouth boy."
We love you Ira.

This weekend I was getting into the hot tub with Ira and Zach and Ira yelled at me. "No Yiz! Dont!"
I know he still loves me more than zach though, we're just keeping our relationship secret for now
Yes. this is a tuna fish sandwich. At 10 a.m. On a roll. I have a good husband.
One of the beautiful centerpieces from jen's wedding. love it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wedding Time

My friend Jenny Redd got married yesterday.
The second married friend in our {cheerleader clique} group.
I love weddings.
More to come soon....very soon I hope.
Hers {and Steve's} was beautiful.
I like that Bountiful people often marry Bountiful people.
Like Jen and Steve.
Wish I could have made it to the temple.
We're happy for you two!
{and happy I have a married friend from Btown!}
Pictures will come as soon as I can figure out how to load them onto my new dell.

My mom called me today and asked how the wedding was and what the colors were, etc. She said she asked my brother and he said, "I think they were red {not sure what random color he said}... well, her dress was white I know that." THE COLORS WERE EVERYWHERE. But, I am sure my husband would say the same thing if you asked him. Amazing how little detail they pick up... I kind of love it.

Betsy Pilkington {Mary's mom} did the flowers. I've never seen such beautiful centerpieces.
Why can't I be as creative and crafty and great as the pilkingtons?
Check out Mary's etsy shop {that i cant believe i JUST found out about. Mary.....}