Thursday, December 6, 2012

zach: the ward sports director

this is the email my husband sent out to all of the men in our neighbor then read it to me...and i had to share.

readers, i present to you, my husband:

"Church basketball is coming up! The first games start Dec 27. There will be 3 teams from our ward. Deacons/Teachers, Priests and a Seniors team. Priests already graduated from High school must play on the Seniors team. Remind your sons and neighbors.

I'm trying to get Jerry Sloan out of retirement to come coach us but my restraining order from him is hindering my objective (joke...Jerry would never do that to me). Anyways, It should be a blast! Come out and burn some calories in the winter months.

If we have to we can combine with other wards to make a full team, but we would need to know before the season starts if that's the case.

Let me know if you can make some games this year or have any questions."

p.s. (This is liz again) in case you're wondering, he had one response... unfortunately, not everyone in the ward knows my husband, so they might not know what to think. i'm picturing the guy in our ward that owns a genealogy company and has 5 kids. and our bishop. haha. oh my husband. sure love you, my dear.

Monday, December 3, 2012

thanksgiving in vegas

vegas for thanksgiving turned out to be a great option for this year with my fam. good food, no dishes. lovely.
and then the black friday shopping?? uh-mazing. i mean, we were in vegas.
around 11pm thanksgiving night i started complaining about not having a sister to go black friday shopping with at midnight and how i really needed one... turns out, that's what brothers are for, too. they may not be able to decide whether it's a yes, absolutely buy or a mm, maybe buy it and see how you are feeling about it tomorrow and then decide... but they were great to have a long for the ride. and were pretty good  at the "definitely no" option.
and they were quite entertained by how it kind of felt like it was three in the afternoon not 1am in the mall....
bless black friday and the nonstop deals i wait all year for. i've literally been saving and planning for months for this day. love. and it was a success. me and the boys got home around 4am, then my mom woke me up at 7 to go out again. i couldn't say no to more deals or more shopping, so out we went. am i crazy? don't answer that question.

luckily i got a nap while z taught the boys how to play black jack with m&ms, because we went to beatles love that night. love love. oh yes i do. amazing show and the music? come on. i'd recommend it to anyone.

it was a fun trip and fun to hang out with my fam all together... we'll be all split up in no time, with the two boys on missions, so we savor these moments. although i've been told SEVERAL times now that the only member of mine and zach's family that will be missed is frankie... we know that's not completely true... although we do plan to package him up and ship him to frankfurt for awhile... because why not, ya know? (jk, guys).

sure love my fam.

also, have you been watching the Mindy Project and/or Nashville  These are the two new shows I've picked up this season:) and i'm loving both. and please tell me one of you is watching the x factor?? still my favorite show every week. and i need more than one person at my work to talk about it with!! i want like at least seven people to discuss it with.
i'm over the voice, not attached to a single contestant.
but i'll always love adam.

xo liz

Sunday, December 2, 2012

the pup is our favorite guy

me and franks played outside before church for awhile this morning...on this windy, windy day. while zach was stuck inside on the couch with kidney stones. the worst.
and when i say play i mean we ran back and forth through the leaves and then i followed him around and took pics. he's such a little sweetie. he's been taking good care of zach, snuggling with him and laying by him all night last night and this morning. he doesnt like it when his buddy is sick, i'm not quite as fun to play with. too much picture taking.
here's our guy.

we went out of town last week and a friend from work and his wife offered to take the pup for the weekend... and i think frank misses them. when we got there to pick him up, he had to show us around his new digs. where he slept, where they kept his food, the cool mirror where he can SEE his REFLECTION?!! (or maybe it's another dog that looks just like him.... can't be sure, can we franks). he's a little sweetie and we missed our guy, but glad he had a fun thanksgiving full of attention, scraps of turkey and snoozing away. thanks jared and tiff, and here are some pics i took from their instagrams:)

that squished face? are you kidding me?! i just love this little guy.

ps zach made me delete at least 6 pics of the frank... because "i look crazy" or something like that... so you're welcome to those of you who are not as obsessed with my dog as i am:)