Tuesday, November 5, 2013

san fran over memorial. thats right. 6 months ago.

The trip that happened in May, like two weeks before J left on his mission... 5 days after he graduated from high school... the kid, you guys. the best kind of egg.

this was a fun little trip. it was just us 3 and the parents.
if you know jer or have ever tried to travel with him, you would know that he is boring as crap because he READS the ENTIRE time you are in the car or at the hotel. so you either keep him extremely busy... or you join him.
I've tried both. and this trip we forced him to read with us instead of by himself. so we brought a book that we knew he'd love and (since I was already 100 pages in) we made him catch up REALLY, REALLY fast.
then I read the rest of the book out loud. and when i got sick of reading jer would read because you CANT just STOP in the middle of the book. duh.

Killing Kennedy. Great read - i'd recommend it to anyone. well, maybe not anyone. but i loved the entire thing.

it was a fun trip and fun spending time with this one since we didnt get much jer time before he left...since he was just trying to finish high school and be a senior.

MTC day. Went to Sammy's right before. Mm. He didn't eat much. And he never doesn't eat much.

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