Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh hey Taza, want to hang out?

This is Taza, or Naomi Davis. Me and my friend Lar helped her with a photo shoot of the 5 browns. Naomi was their stylist and we did their hair and make up. Or lar did and i just straightened and hairsprayed. They looked amazing though. Im excited to see their new album! They were so cute and way nice to work with.

I've been following Naomi's blog for awhile now. She's a doll. Her and her husband have this little dream life. They live in DC and he takes her on surprise trips to the Dominican Republic for her birhday. So maybe I want to be them. Anyways, it was fun to meet her. She was a cute girl. Different than I thought, but really sweet.

So, now were best friends.

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  1. this is so sweet of you, liz! and you make me sound so cool (you don't want to be me! josh and i are boring people, really...)

    i had a great time meeting you and HUGE thanks again for coming and helping out!