Tuesday, March 13, 2012

can we just talk for a minute?

i'm, like, so tired.
and i would like to announce that i get a headache every day.
but today's was worse than most and refuses to go away.
z made me drink a glass of water. a HUGE glass.
he sat there and watched me drink every last drop.
and he also laughed at how much i didn't want to drink it, because i don't like that water... duh.

also, if you're not already, you should definitely start watching The Voice.
I WILL SAY that it may take more than one ep. to be convinced, but you will be convinced.
tonight had some bad a battles. it's freaky how not into music i am, but how involved in music shows i get (besides idol, bleh). i think it's the connection to performing/competing. it pulls my emotions right out. i feel for ya lex and jordan.
but jamar - holy crap!
and if you can honestly tell me that you can take your eyes off of adam levine - don't even get me started. zach told me that i would get bored of him after 5 minutes of talking to him. hahaha. no, no.

oh, and bachelor finale was on tonight.
for the love, ben - go away.
i hope to never see him again on television.
and that is all i have to say about that.

do you guys have spiders all over your house all of a sudden!
i'm going crazy!!
i had to kill 2 big ones just this evening. can't handle that.

i told my friend at work, chris (there are like 7 chris' so you'll never know which one), that i'm going off of sugar for one week. because i need some self control in my life. and because i sometimes say things like that for conversational reasons... it's werd. and then i got home from work and remembered our happy birthday oreo funfetti filled oreos with a candle engraved in the chocolate! how could i pass those up. so i changed my mind and decided to only not eat sugar at work. for a week. i probably won't tell him about the at-home part. guys, i know.

one more thing.
we exposed the brick in our kitchen/hallway (the chimeny that was covered up by wall).
and it is my favorite thing about my house (besides my backsplash... i kind of love that too)! it seriously makes me so happy. and it's not even finished!
will you come see it?
or maybe i'll post pics when it's done. actually, i'll go ahead and make that a promise because i want to share my happy corner with you.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

for those of you not on facebook:

bachelor tell-all. tomorrow. my house. 7PM.
be there.
seriously though, i'm making stacked tacos, or taco soup, or... apparently something to do with tacos.
so come, eat and enjoy trashy/awesome television with us.
i'm totally serious about this.
and feel free to bring your friends and family... because it is family night after all.
this is the my invitation to you, and you, and you.

ahhhhh yeah.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

the babies & max get their eagle scout award

to celebrate my little brothers and cousin max getting their eagle scout award, they made a very important movie.
you will not regret watching this. it's hilarious.