Saturday, December 31, 2011

by the way...

do you have new years plans, because WE DON'T. wanna hang out??

happy new years to you!
with a little zooey for your viewing pleasure.

Friday, December 30, 2011

merry, merry christmas to you from florida this year.

love, the cutest mick and min ever!

and us, the helms:)

*better late than never, right?!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

.the latest

First of all, let's all look at my cute niece, rubs. i just want to kiss those cheeks! jess sent us some pics of the kids and her subject line was, 'prepare to die of cuteness,' and now i will say the same to you. love these babes.

 Second, zach really got into the christmas spirit this year. you can come see our house if you want, it's lookin' good. kind of like candyland, if you ask me.

third, if you do come, make sure you come at night because we are missing four lovely trees and a strip of siding on the house. thanks windstorm.

 fourth, lace performed at the festival of trees and she was so good. she knew every move, it was so fun to watch her.
this girl loves to dance.

he only got this kind of attention because it was his big 18th bday. but this last pic is really cute.
i'll go through a couple of their conversations for you (lacey has like this low, raspy voice. it's the cutest thing ever... so you can read it in that voice)

conv 1.
lace: hi zach
b: no lacey, i'm tj - remember?
lace: oh, hi t-j

conv 2.
b: lace you did so good, you were the best one out there.
lace: i know t-j. hap birthday t-j.

aaaaand last but not least. ali and josh are ENGAGED.
ali's my girl, she always has been. and josh is perfect for her. and for us:) even zach approved (very much), he's protective of my friends, and not many men are quite good enough. but josh totally passed.
as for me, i've always been a josh fan.
i remember when he got home from his mission and ali was dating someone else and me and Kris, ali's mom, were talking about josh and i remember us saying, "but ali, he's gorgeous - i mean his EYES," and her response, "i know!! i know he's gorgeous stop talking about it!"
we're glad it happened. 'bout time.
(this was the night they got engaged. her ring is GORGEOUS.... good one josh).