Sunday, June 10, 2012

updates for the summertime

1. my maggie is home! do you remember when she left?? oh man. i love her so much. and i love that things just never change between us. and she is completely NORMAL in case you were wondering. sometimes it's hard to know how they'll be when they come home from those missions;). her homecoming is on sunday.

2. cand ran another marathon. this would be marathon numero three. she's an animal! we love going to support her fitness endeavors though, and z likes running with her the last couple miles because he remembers how nice it was to have her at the end of his marathon. she's a good sis. we wouldn't have missed it, cand!

3. we got a tree! well, my parents got us a tree. the windstorm kind of ruined our front yard, but CHANGE IS GOOD. and we are finally getting our front yard kicked into shape. and we planted  a new tree where four trees and then a hole once were. and i love it. thanks parents! i feel so grown up to ask for a tree for my bday... but i really was so excited about it and even more excited to see it grow over the years. we are so old.

4. speaking of old I AM 23! as of 6/7. my husband told me he was combining my bday and anniversary presents this year, since they are only a week apart. which i was SO opposed to... but he wouldn't budge. "not this year. you will love your gift though, i know you will." with his little smirk. well, he was right. i would have combined christmas/valentines/halloween/any holiday for frankie. try topping that next year zach boy;)

5. oh and speaking of our anniversary. we have been married for 3 years now, you guys. THREE YEARS! (weddingyear 1, year 2). but it feels like i have known him forever. i love being married to this man always though, even through the ups and downs. he is the best husband i could ever ask for. he tries so hard to do anything and everything for me and i know i am so blessed to have him.

6. happy summer to you all! we are down for a bbq any night of the week. so come on over. and meet our pup. you'll love him. and i love summertime bees games! here are some pics of bbqs and the first of many bees games for us this sum.

Friday, June 8, 2012

meet frankie

frank is the newest member of our family. and we are in love with him.

zach came home on saturday afternoon with a puppy.
i freaked out.
zach had been planning and visiting this little guy for weeks. and i had literally NO IDEA.
zach usually isn't the best secret keeper, and i usually don't like surprises. i almost couldn't believe that it was happening. 
you can ask any member of my family, i have wanted a dog my entire life. badly. many birthdays/ christmases went by that all i asked for was a dog or a sister. what a brat, right? neither of those were going to happen. but i really and truly always wanted both...
and now i have both (sisinlaws count, right?).

he's a little english bulldog that won't be so little for long. z fell in love with an english bulldog on his mission and has wanted one ever since. and i was easily converted after seeing a couple bully puppies. they are our kind of dog. and we got a good little guy. zach said that he wasn't positive about him, but went out to see him and his parents one day and couldn't go with any other little guy.

i had no idea when zach brought him home how much i'd love him. i seriously get antsy at work to go home and see him and make sure he's ok. we just love this little guy.
luckily my brothers literally think Franco is their nephew. jer has been going to visit him, take him out and hang with him for awhile everyday. 
frank's a lucky little guy. he has a lot of love.
(even when he is not potty trained and likes to wake up every hour at night;) ... good thing he's doing A LOT better these past couple days. we are training him like crazy. and he has done so good).