Sunday, November 20, 2011

.cute trucks for cute boys

i will now pay a tribute to zach's truck.
the truck has been sold. and i will take responsibility for complaining about the truck until he finally sold the thing. i had my reasons, and they were all $$ related.

but at least he got a photoshoot by larry his secret friend at work with the truck before it was sold to the hispanic family who invited him over for dinner and is going to teach him how to make mole? ya that happened.

BUT i will say that he has had that truck since he was 16 years old, and it knew him better than i'm sure a lot of people do. and they've been through a lot together. and he has had a lot of good memories in it and it has, for the most part, been there for him through a lot. and i will picture him in that little truck for many years to come, it suits him quite well, i know this because one of the first things he told me was that girls tell him his truck is cute. and he was cute. so they went together.
and i would have to agree with that even if i am remembering it a little tiny bit incorrect and he may not like how that came out....

goodbye truck. you will surely be missed. except for the dumping money into you part, we have enough car related things to take care of right now...

oh, and here is a preview of what our driveway looks like now:

i know, we're embarrassed for ourselves.

but GUYS you can't be picky when alex is finding you a car, if he says it's the one, it's the one. it's been a gem so far, and i'm sure it will be for yeeeeears to come. so trust me i know we look like dorks with our two white hondas in the driveway, but at least it has been one motivation for us to use our garage, so... you've just got to embrace it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

.a little advice for girls with car problems

so, after 2.5 years of marriage i've learned something.
tell the husband that you got a speeding ticket when he is WINNING his fantasy football game. 

guys, i'm getting smarter! 
minus the actually getting the ticket part... especially after thewrecklastmonth...
don't get the impression that i'm down playing the wreck. it kind of ruined my life for a day. maybe i'll tell you about it sometime. 

maybe it takes me 2.5 years to learn timing with the boy, but it only took him a month to learn exactly how to handle me in these situations. not that most people are tested twice in a month...
if you know zach, you know he twists his hair when he gets nervous or anxious. he was twisting like a mad man, but seriously only said, "it's been a rough month, huh."
yeah, it has. really rough.

timing may be something, but really, this boy wins the patient, understanding, loving husband award of the month. i might hang up a sign or something. or maybe a special parking place in the garage? or maybe just a big, fat kiss on the mouth.