Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guess where we'll be watching the Bachelor Pad next Monday??!!!

that we closed on yesterday.
and are moving into this weekend.

that's right people. me and zach boy are officially home owners/grown-ups/the-bank-owns-us-and-we-don't-even-care.

Sorry for the silence on the blog-town... this process has been a little crazy. lots of ups and downs. but it's good. and we've had some really, really great helpers. I'll tell you about them later.
But for now... i need to pack.
We really are so excited.
so so so excited.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

moab rocks & moab with the rocks

oh so clever i am.
come on, it's late.

first food stop- the classic burgers and fries.
my fav.
i would give this particular place, milts, an average though.
their fry sauce just didn't quite have it.

geez i know. road trips make me look like this. im sorry to share.

you cant see it well, but... my mom has a really pretty lip color.
just saying.
so you can check it out in another photo at another time.

and then there is tj.
whats up my brotha.
the one and only reason this kid is a cool cat is because GORDON HAYWARD wrote on his Fbook wall. The real Gordon Hayward! Is that not crazy?! We're taliking the NBA here. Sorry we're obsessed with him lately, but, come on, that's pretty awesome, right?

and ben and dad drove all the way from CO.
it's a worthy thing to make the trip for, moab.
hi benj.
he's been gone for a couple months.

he's a cute boy.
and i really like my new sweat pants.
and this was his first time to moab (what the... i know, who hasn't been to moab, right?).
and, i dont know if you noticed or anything, but he made that shirt.
as in picked out the design on the wall AND the tee-shirt he wanted it on.
the asian chick then ironed it right on for him. and also told us that "like sometimes people think im like mexican or something, but im not, im asian, like vietnamese."
please tell me this is not how i sound in real life, too?

one of these things is not like the others.
please excuse the freaky eyes us rocks have.
not really sure if it's because we are super cool or something - but it must be because zach does not have this same super power (see pic of me and z above)... yep, just us.
i dont know.

when i was younger, we used to go jeeping in moab every year for the jeep safari.
it was a blast.
it was really fun getting back to moab and spending time with the fam.
but next time i go, im going jeeping.

are you in?
let's do it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Newport: Round 3

oh how we love newport.

i know, they are to die for.

is she not the cutest ever?
best suit collection goes to this little chunky monkey.
so darling.

the guys and the gals.
as you can see, the played botch-ee (??) ball pretty much nonstop.

oh balboa- and ohhh balboa bars. yum.

great pic of pam and rob.
thanks for another great year in newport.

ira: "candice look at that fat kid"
candice: "ira, do you think he's a cute kid"
ira: "yes"
candice: "then let's just call him a cute kid"

this happened two feet away from the little chubby but cute boy and his dad.
that still makes me laugh - apparently us calling rubs fat girl has worn off on ira... haha.

this kid is growing up.
all of the sudden he's a kid, like a five year old boy, not a baby anymore.
little cutie.

jon made us go to this fancy restaurant that Jim Rome eats at (whoever that is:))
and, let me tell you, we ended up quite pleased.
me and zach had the best meal, in my opinion.
but i cant remember what we got now. ask candice. she'll remember.

in the bathrooms they have a person to squirt soap into your hands and give you a paper towel. i think this was the highlight of zach's night. i kid you not.
not to mention the chips and salsa were delish... and they were not about to let us run out of it either. so of course, like little kids, we filled up on that before our meals came:)
either way, it was a fun night out on the town- and drew the babysitter even had ruby walking by the time we got back. wowza.

direct quote from ira after asking zach to "come play with him" about five times "zachy's not going to help us, huh?"
how can you say no to the kid after that. you cant.

cool shorts z.
zach got sunburned. like really sunburned.
i feeeel your pain boy.

candice got really good at putting the rubs to sleep on the beach.
sweet baby.
sad day to come home.
alex and kels, you were missed.
until next year.