Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Even if you lose your toothbrush, it's not ok to use mine.

...can someone please explain this concept to my husband?

although it's really gross when he uses my toothbrush, i'm a very proud girl.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Another semester down calls for tv all night and potato chips and ketchup for dinner....
It's a Knight thing.
Don't knock it til you try it!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

happy holidays!

Do you cry every morning listening to Secret Santa on the radio?
Oh ya neither do I...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm a huge Jazz fan this season.

And it started BEFORE I saw gordon hayward at the gateway theaters.

did i mention i saw jazz rookie GORDON HAYWARD at the movie theater on thanksgiving?!
and yes, i do love him.

we went to see Unstoppable, with my other guy Denzel.
i thought it was great.
but my perception could be tainted by 2 things....

he's not the only one i like though.
i like them all.
and im obsessed with their new uniforms.

I dont know if you've heard...

but i love this girl.
and i think that's the best, most heart-felt farewell i've been to.
sorry we couldn't stop her, Min. she's really doing it.
love you buddy.

Sure glad these two have each other.

Turkey Day

Aren't those cute plates in the background?
The Secret Haven people.
The owner, my Sue, is one of the most amazing, genuine, generous, thoughtful and talented people i know.
And her store is to die for.

The babies.
We loved having these babies over for thanksgiving.
Aren't they darling in their little thanksgiving sweaters?
He always (usually) dresses great.
(and is also single, girls... 801-512-9471)
Only took me 22 years to make this happen (the clothing).
Hopefully it wont take me that long to make this happen with my husband.
Pretty sisters.

This is the first time I've seen this kid read. And im not talking about Asher (the baby).
Last time we saw Asher, he refused to talk or sit by jer bear and tj.
he said they would wrestle him and he didnt want them to wrestle him.
but he warmed up by thanksgiving (after they gave him a few racecars to play with).

I kind of loved having a low-key thanksgiving. it's never happened before. and although i did miss the chaos for a while, it was nice to just relax and hang out with my mom's sister, ann dee's, family and grandma and gramps.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm thankful for my bed, Christmas ornaments, ear muffs, that my husb helped me scrape my car this morning and leave work early for blizzard days.

Playing wallyball(?) with my fam and eating a milkshake, fries and a diet coke for dinner. The jazz (a new found love). My iPad (yes, still). Watching my husband dance in the car. Listening to him tell me about his script. Thanksgiving family 5ks and hanging out with my 2 fav cousins (I said it - but come on, who can argue Van and Asher). Having my motherinlaw show me and Kelsey strange episodes of Oprah. That i got to hold Caroline (thanks to the lovely matt and raquel) all during sacrament meeting. My sherlock holmes hat, as zach calls it. Hot tubs in the winter (or maybe always). And the chapstick by my bed. It's light green, in the shape of a ball, smells like honey dew melon and is way easy to put on at three in the morning when my lips are always bizarrely, but unbearably, chapped.

What else do we need?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ruby girl.

We love our rubs.
Or as zach calls here, his rub girl.
And we cant get enough of her.
Or this picture.
I think I've looked at it seven times since my sisterinlaw posted it a few days ago.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I thought I'd hate the wood paneling.

But I love it.
And I also love that we painted my light switch bright green.

And today's weather.
And my sale anthro earrings.
And that I ate at Pace's Dairy Ann today (my favorite restaurant...that's right).
And that we put up all our Christmas decorations and zach let me listen to my Xmas music as loud as I wanted (for a little while)...and actually suggested it.
And that I ordered the cutest star for our tree and cant wait for it to come....

The end.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mags is leaving for Chile on December 15th. December 15th, feel free not to come this year;)

Let's take a trip back to my junior year in high school.
In Maggie's kitchen doing math after school-this happened a lot for a lot of years.
Mag: Where are you going to go to college.
Liz: I don't know, I really don't. Ive always wanted to go to BYU but I feel intimidated and stressed about it. And i don't know anyone else planning to go down there, really.
Mag: I want to go there, too. And feel the same.
Liz and Maggie: We will be roommates and friends forever... Starting.... Now.

I cant say that was the exact conversation, because it wasn't, but i do remember the moment we decided we would go down and survive it together. It just seemed right.

While there, I think it's important to note that we learned to read each others minds. I am not kidding, challenge us to a round of catch phrase. It happens when you share a room with someone for a year and pretty much only have each other, day in and day out. I love my Maggie. And I'm pretty sure that me and zach will both miss her equally, because he loves his mag pie, too.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soda at restaurants costs $2.79, soda at McDonalds costs $1.00 and tastes better.

We went to Este pizza (which I highly recommend) with friends the other night.
And my husband wanted to order soda, like always.
And I said no, like always.
Because we don't order drinks at restaurants unless it's a special occasion.
So pretty much only on your birthday or when I'm not paying attention when we're ordering.
So sue me.

That's when the Este pizza man handed him a glass and said, "Hey, it's on me man."

He has such a hard life you guys. And the pizza man could tell.

So... Thanks for taking care of my husband pizza man. You made him way happy.

Liz Helm

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Smoothness is not my husband... and SF is the bomb

If you are ever trying to get away with something, maybe dont choose my husband.

Driving across the CA border:
Man: Where you headed?
Z: Um, no
Man: No what?
Z: Oh, I thought you asked if we had fruit.
Man: I asked where you were headed, could you open your trunk for me sir?

No dead bodies, which might surprise you after hearing this conversation.
but we were smuggling fruit across the border.
i bet you'd never guess.

me, marcus and michelle probably laughed for 5 min straight after this incident.
poor zach, just so hard for him to lie.

we left for sf bright and early.
530 am to be exact.
and we started out the trip with donuts.
and they were gooood.
awesome idea marcus.

we're liz and zach.
and sometimes we're hat people.
and sometimes we're not.
this day we were.

Oh the bread bowls.
to die for.
and dad, i walked on the left side of the street this time... and i ate crab... i must really be growing up.

you bet we went to the full house house.
and loved every minute of it.
especially zach, who still dvr's the blessed full house episodes.
i know you guys.
this is all i wanted.
the whole trip.
and it was the best 9 bucks I've ever spent.

Michelle's new rule: dont sing the song if you dont know the words.
this rule was made because marcus loves singing to songs, but he only knows 3 words to most songs.
and we were in the car A LOT

the man cave aka robs apt in san jose.
alex, zach and their friends do this 49ers monday night football game trip every year, and im sorry but i wasnt missing out this year.
not so much (at all) on the game, but on the trip to sf.
so sorry boys... alex...
I got michelle to come too so we could do our girl thing while they do their guy thing.
and it was perfect.
and hopefully michelle and marcus still want to be friends after driving 20 hours in one weekend with us

rob gave us the great idea of going to carmel and walking the streets.
it is the cutest town full of fun sidewalk shops and a nice beach.
and me and michelle took full advantage of it and it was a darling town.
and, when your married to marcus and zach, you also drive around for 2 hours searching for the homes of the people on "Trouble on the Hill" a Dateline special.
and yes, it really was 2 hours.
maybe more.

Marcus's conversation with a 17-year-old local boy:
M: Have you heard of trouble on the hill?
Boy: um, no
M: It's this dateline special about these 2 neighbors who get in this fight. They live somewhere around here.
Boy: I dont really watch the news
M: Did you hear about it though, one of them got killed. It was this big story. And we're trying to find their house.
Boy: Yeah... I dont know, ive never heard of it. sorry man.

Ya its fine buddy, its kind of creepy we were trying to find their house anyways.
and, your 17.
its not actually the news.
but still.

These 2 boys love each other.
their best friends, and really they think each other is the best thing ever.
i really dont think these 2 would ever get sick of each other. which is amazing considering me and michelle were about done with both of them come gametime and were very willing to drop them off at the stadium to tailgate for 5 hours before the game.

and then it was this boys bday.
and we went to cheesecake factory, my favorite.
i dont know how this happened.
but i was fine with it.

where next?
we're there...
Trish's donuts.
and we also went to Happy Donuts.
which was amazing.
and lately im in love.