Monday, October 17, 2011

.saturday mornings and

this is what we do some lazy saturdays when we don't want to get up - waste time on facebook and youtube together! hey, at least it counts as family time right?

as you know, i am not an avid youtube fan. i know i look dumb saying that.
but you also know that if I am posting a vid, it is worth watching.
well, that is to say, if you care about things i care about (Nikki Menaj and Brandon Flowers I guess today?) then you will like it.
even if you aren't into those singers, i'm telling you, both videos are worth watching (if you haven't already seen them, i know they've been circulating).

Youtube vid 1.

that girl is freakin cute, am i right?

Youtube vid 2.

"there's still a fire burnin in there"
love it and love your face b flowers.

i've watched both videos several times now.