Thursday, April 19, 2012

voicemails from van and ash

my mom was hanging out with my little cousins a few weeks back and, let me tell you, voicemails from those babies reciting scriptures from memory is one of the best ways to start out my day.
I wish I could share the recordings with you, "Hi Liz, Hiiiiiii, um, Aunt Leslie is here. (insert pause) James chapter 1 verse 5 If any of lack wisdom........" You get the picture. They are so cute. I love those boys, they have so much personality and say the funniest things. They had a sleepover at my house awhile ago, and we had lots of fun watching toy story and making sugar cookies. which mainly consisted of squishing dough through our fingers and eating it.

i was talking to my mom when she was watching them and she said, "I think Ann Dee gets back on saturday, Van, does your mom get back on Saturday?" To which he responded, "No, she gets back the day after tomorrow. When is Saturday?" the day after tomorrow would be saturday. hahaha. love them. 

and here are some vids my aunt katy took of them reciting scriptures. they memorize scriptures to get stickers. genius.
and i'm pretty sure they know more than me at this point.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter & springtime

my primary kids were WIRED from eating easter candy all morning, but at least they crashed during sharing time, so no one even knew how much of the lesson we got through or how they bounced off of the walls while i just understood - i been there kids.
we went to aunt sandy's for easter dinner, BUT NOT BEFORE WE FINISHED THE MASTERS. actually, just zach finished them. zach taught me what a birdie was and we watched for awhile and then i took a nap and then watched some more (oh, how i love sundays). then i went to sandy's as it went into double overtime - not sure what they call that in golf language. zach came shortly after, pumped to talk about golf with anyone.
we pretty much always go to Sandy's for easter, she has the perfect yard for an egg hunt and for springtime.
my mom and all her sisters are like little event planners. there are games for the kids, games for the adults, talk of book club, 5Ks, the next party and what to do at that.
it's awesome.
i love this time of year and i love easter.
and i love being with these little cousins of mine. they make me so happy.
van told asher that if they begged really, really, really hard - a baby would just POP out of my belly.
hahaha. that's true guys.

she can't not pose for pictures. must take after her cousins.

and i made jess send me a pic of rubs in her easter dress. how could i not share. that jean jacket?

i love this time of year.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

rubs & mac mac

they are best friends. rubs is obsessed with mac mac, and he thinks she's ok, too;) little chubs. love them.

rubs recently named her super creepy, old-man-looking, baby doll "baby liz."
good choice, rubs. i like that name, too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

i so love having neighbor friends.

did i tell you about our new neighbs?
they moved in RIGHT next door. and if you know anything about liz and zach lately, we are homebodies. we like being at home or two minutes away from home at all times. it's super weird and annoying and lazy. it's just nice to have friends that you can borrow an egg from when you are making brownies, or grab your mail (i dont know) when you're out of town, or grab dinner with last minute. because everything we do is last minute. 
i really think it's going to work out between us.
i love them.
too soon? 
welcome to the neighborhood, friends!