Sunday, May 29, 2011

.my boy

some friday nights i put on heels & he buttons up a flannel and we hang out with friends and eat at restaurants with waitresses.
others it's just me and him.
first to McDonalds for a coke and fries, then to wendy's for some spicy chicken nuggets and a frosty.
and a red box in bed to top it off.

sometimes there is something so satisfying about doing nothing together, because all i really need to be happy, is him.
happy anniversary yesterday. and here's to many friday nights to come.(and this is the first pic we ever took together. back in those blessed dorm days).


have you been to the new Harmons?
if not, you should go.
while there you can sample lemon, or basil, or garlic olive oil at the olive oil bar...
or get a sample slice of brick oven pizza...
or try their bread made fresh daily...
zach got their chicken fingers- best chicken fingers we've had to date.
congrats farmington on this new addition- now you have three things to offer me.
(farmington also houses my lovely inlaws, as well as a fabulous mexican restaurant named...something...i'll get back to you on that one).

me and zachy cant get enough of this chick.
just look at that little face!
we love our little izzy.
well, the smoots little izzy.
and we love it when she says our names "Leeez and Zach-eee," she's the cutest.

the zoo.
we had a work retreat at the zoo, yes we did.
and here is big mark (also known as mark eaton).
he spoke to us, and he's quite a good speaker.

and then the best part of the retreat happened, during the scavenger hunt i ran into jess and the babies!
they were at the zoo for beck's field trip.
and it made my day.
and, just so you know, when you've taken babies to Costa Rica, Mexico and the DR, the zoo ain't no thing.

don't let these blossoms fool you. our spring has been freezing and depressing.

z will tell you this is the best decision he's made this summer.
i believe him.
i looove watching baseball.
and between my brothers games, zach's games and bees games- i'm in for a good summer.

that's us as of late.
and we are looking forward to some SUN in the near future.
let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Monday, May 9, 2011

oh hey.
i need you to see what has happened to my husband over the last few months.
and i also need your unbiased opinion on which style=the best looking zach boy.
someone doesn't listen to someone else around here, so maybe someone will listen to one or ten of you?
please, we need your help.

and i also need you to know that it is no coincidence that he is wearing this yellow shirt in 2 of the photos. he wears it every day.
does anyone have an opinion on that one??
a little help people.

hair phase 1:
nappy, maybe a little? but he is cute. maybe boyish is a better word?

hair phase 2:
oh heeeey, good-lookin'

hair phase 3:
no comment.
cast your vote peeps.

oh and here's another pic for your viewing pleasure:

did you think that person on the left was my husband?!
it's not!
it's his twin that we dont know, but are now stalking, because our friend showed us a pic of him and it weirded us out like crazy!
it's my husband, yet a man that i do not know. so creepy.

.way to go boy

"Hey girl, are we still on for tonight?"

I got this text on Friday morning, in 2008, in my humanities 201 class with Professor Call. We were going out for the first time that night, but I almost thought he'd completely forgotten about it or changed his mind since i hadn't heard from him for two whole days. I was dying.

"Oh, that's tonight! Of course we're still on."

Play it cool, Liz.

Have I already been through all of your Facebook photos, analyzed who our "friends in common" are and asked the one friend I had that went to Davis High about a hundred questions about you, even though he only knew your brother, alex??
No. Of course not.
And I also didn't show mags (sitting next to me in class) that text as soon as it came in.
And of course I could wipe that smile off my face immediately.

We were so silly.
Now look at us.
All old and graduated.

Did I mention Zach finished, too?
He worked very long and very hard and commuted even more than me.
And most people have no idea how long or hard because he doesn't complain or tell the world that he's tired.
(Unlike some people i know, ahem, me).
He just keeps going and quietly does his best.
And I am very proud of his accomplishments.
Great job baby. You did it!!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

.my mama

This is my mom (and Jer bear). She taught me how to be confident, loyal and tough.

Like a few days before I left for college, when I broke down because I hadn't bought Tide yet and then got completely overwhelmed with having to take care of myself and buy things like Tide and 409. She let me cry over nothing, then told me I'd be ok. And that college is fun. And that I'd meet new friends and stay up late and sluff class to do something great like take off to go skiing after doing awesome on a midterm, like she did.

She was right, college was fun (the life part, not so much the schoooool part).

She's the type of mom that will drop everything for her kids if they need her.
I hope one day my kids can say that about me.
She's pretty awesome.
And smart and crazy and fun and beautiful.
Love you, mom.
Happy mothers day.