Sunday, July 29, 2012

summer nights


we love that little fatty!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

i'm a baller, say whaaat?

we've been playing a lot of p-i-g lately.
with my husbands new hoop he made.
so proud, that guy.
it is pretty sweet.
and in fact, i won a combo meal from beating my husband. doesn't matter whether he was playing left handed or not. a win's a win.

not sure if you knew this or not, but frank is also a baller.
and soon to be a skateboarder... soon meaning like a year. the coordination gene is not  a strong one in him.
but still. it's going to be great.

Monday, July 23, 2012

our 4th

yard work. yard work. yard work.
even frankster helped.
taking care of a yard is hard! we are slowly but surely getting it into shape.

later we went to a bbq at unce brad's. i love those rock rock girls. they have always made me wish i had a sister. they have 5 girls in their fam, and let me tag along as the little cousin for many, many years. and i look just like them, definitely a rock, so i can pretend i'm a sister, right?

then. me and zach and frank bought some fireworks from a cute little family selling on 5th south, went back to our little house, with newly cut grass, and set them off. zach even played patriotic music... you know, the song from sandlot, the night game scene. it was perfect. and even frank loved the fireworks.
i love our little family. and, i love our country. every 4th i get a little lump in my throat during fireworks and the patriotic music and all of it. we are very blessed.

(my husb just got a new don't mind the liz and frank photoshoots!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

special treat for your friday:)

zach did a wedding video, my friends.
josh & ali's.
it's very good. although, it's easy to make it look good when the stars of it are beautiful. 
ali and z's favorite part starts at 5:50... my fav part starts at 6:40.
but i love the whole thing. and have probably watched it as many times as the pretty people in it have. i love the nostalgic like feel you get watching the last section, i think it was a great portrayal of the day and of their relationship.
good job zach.
enjoy! (oh and if you have already seen someone come out of the temple, start at 2:30;)).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

remember this guy?

this morning. in my pjs and day old make up. zach said, "i really like your hair," (i got it done the other takes him a day or so to process whether he's into it or not).
"and, i liked your outfit last night."
thanks cute guy. 
love you, too.

see my blog isn't ALL about mr. frank;)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

cookies at the helm home

i made choc chip cookies the other day.
i froze a bunch, like 30, so we'd have them for when friends come over, or maybe to take to a neighbor, or maybe to snack on when you gots the sweet tooth.
not to eat in THREE DAYS like my husband did. that would be ten cookies a day.
i told him i'm never making his favorite cookies again because they are not made to be eaten like that. especially when i make a flippin double batch!
i was on the phone with his mom and went to grab a cookie out of the freezer and i said, hey zach, where are all the cookies? and he said, oh i gave them to my mom when she stopped by. so i said, oh ok cool... pam did you like the cookies? pam: what cookies... me: Zach! you ate ALL the cookies??!!
his face. so guilty, like a 4 year old.
i'm still upset about it. and made another double batch. SO COME STOP BY OR HAVE US BRING YOU SOME BEFORE THEY ARE GONE IN 3 DAYS!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

our guy

frankster has literally doubled in size you guys. doubled!
he's been such a good guy. his latest trick has been sleeping through the nights. bless him!
all he wants to do is be around you all the time. people person, that guy.
and people die over him. i'm not just saying this because i'm his mama. whenever we take him out to a public place, we cannot go more than a couple of steps without people wanting to pet him, hold him and squeeze those wrinkles..
he loves it. and i kind of love it, too. he's just a little fatty who wants to be friends with everyone he meets.


jackson hole.

andrew. he needs a pup.

jackson hole.

rock girls.