Tuesday, March 29, 2011

.how i'm dealing with this so called "spring"

1. fleeing SL (San Diego and St. George... you're not keeping me cooped up here just because you don't give me a spring break @Byu).

*above, my work peeps.
*below, candice and stephy. yep.
2. buying early graduation presents for myself (AKA Frye boots, AKA my new love)

3. looking at pretty paintings of pretty cities

4. Bumble & Bumble (compliments of the lovely hairstylist, Lar... Call 801-364-1420 for an appt, she's fabulous)

Monday, March 28, 2011

.I got lucky with them

especially when I have someone to help me make decisions and talk me out of shoes that look too cheap, tell me what will be best for my hair (it's a gift), exercise with (or mainly let me watch exercise happen), drive all hours of the night with only to get to a place which smells like crap and not know which to do: laugh or gag to death, get free bloomin onions and diet cokes at outback with and rub my back when it's sore from one little thing I might be embarrassed to tell you I'm sore from (ahem, hockey with my work).

Oh, and I mainly got lucky with that pool in the background:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

.love you but tinfoil isn't always the answer

See this boy:

As good looking as he is (after watching the proposal recently I've decided he is Ryan Reynolds esque... Maybe because their eyes are both close together, or maybe because they both have egg-shaped heads... Nonetheless, they could be twins, right? Don't burst my bubble)

He does things like this:

Yes, this is lotion (bless his heart, he has dry skin and is forced to take care of himself since I don't carry around lotion. Like ever).
And yes, the lid is wrapped in tin foil.
You know, to keep from squirting out all over his clothes in his suitcase (well, duffle bag. We're in college guys).

And yesterday I found an open plastic bag with bagel bites in it, and since it wouldn't close tightly, he put a little scrap of tin foil over the opening.

Z, just because you can't SEE the hole, doesn't mean air isn't getting in.
Because it is.

Still, you're cute for trying.

have a coke the old fashioned way!

i know, i know, the blog has been neglected.
but guys- we are so close to being done with school. i can almost taste it. or, see it?

a few weekends back we fled the gloomy city and headed down south to st. george (leeds to be exact) with the smoots. and died over cute izzy all weekend. and soaked up some rays. and watched a movie called the devil. and ate the best breakfast burrito marcus had ever had. and checked out the "Park City" of leeds. and had a lovely time with our cute friends.

oh, and marcus has convinced zach to buy a place in leeds.
after he makes his first million, of course (which is just exactly what i tell him every time he wants things like this, or even a blu ray).

marcus about belted out the star spangled banner when he told us about the cooler based on the honor code located outside of Twenty-Five & Main.
seriously though, you've gotta love sg.
doesnt that just look refreshing?

oh, and their cupcakes were deeelish.
and if you're ever with marcus and michelle, be sure to get dessert.
it is one of my favorite things ever watching them argue over sharing desserts.

and in case you are wondering, my husband has no shame eating izzy's leftovers.
z: "hey michelle, order izzy chicken nuggets."
knowing full well izzy will only eat 1, if your lucky. which conveniently leaves 3 for z.
no kids for us until we learn to share.

love you guys. we're happy you live in wx. let's please go back to leeds soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

.iPad2 love

i love the smart cover.
i want one in every color.
but especially green. and red. and maybe pink but only to use during the month of february.

i could watch THIS lovely little ad over and over.
so watch.
it will not disappoint.

someone come hold me down because I really know I already have one,
yet im so obsessed.