Monday, May 9, 2011

oh hey.
i need you to see what has happened to my husband over the last few months.
and i also need your unbiased opinion on which style=the best looking zach boy.
someone doesn't listen to someone else around here, so maybe someone will listen to one or ten of you?
please, we need your help.

and i also need you to know that it is no coincidence that he is wearing this yellow shirt in 2 of the photos. he wears it every day.
does anyone have an opinion on that one??
a little help people.

hair phase 1:
nappy, maybe a little? but he is cute. maybe boyish is a better word?

hair phase 2:
oh heeeey, good-lookin'

hair phase 3:
no comment.
cast your vote peeps.

oh and here's another pic for your viewing pleasure:

did you think that person on the left was my husband?!
it's not!
it's his twin that we dont know, but are now stalking, because our friend showed us a pic of him and it weirded us out like crazy!
it's my husband, yet a man that i do not know. so creepy.


  1. #4 I like him as a whole new person

  2. #2
    I seriously thought that was Zach. I had to go look on my big computer to figure out who the strange guy in the tank top was.

  3. You don't know me but I know you. I say all three because he is happy in all three, and that is all a man ever wanted was to be happy.

  4. A little late but I say #2... and I laugh every time i read your blog. I love it.

  5. Hey Zach and Liz,

    It IS a small world! Especially in mormon-blog-dom. Hope all is well. Congrats on your recent graduation.

  6. Definately like Helm for whats on the inside...not much to see on the outside. but one hell of a kid on the inside! So i vote none. p.s. this is Marcus and we look forward to the pirates movie with you guys tomorrow night. It should be out of this world!!