Saturday, January 23, 2010

Im With Coco

Conan went out with class last night. And I have to say, I got choked up (maybe more than once). If you haven't watched Conan's last three nights of the tonight show, I recommend you do. Especially his interview with Adam Sandler and all of his final nights show.

Im with Coco- even if he just performs in the 7/11 parking lot.

But I must say, it hurts even worse that we didn't get in to his show back in July. We would have been there three hours early if we only knew that this would happen.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mafia=the worst in liz

Last night we got together with a few of Zach's friends. As you know from the previous post, I love Zach's friends (and their wives, fiance's and girlfirends even more), and it was a very fun night.

We played the name game.. and my team lost, which I was not too happy about. Zach tells me im a poor sport, i just really dont like losing..

After I took some time to get over that we began playing one of my favorite games. Mafia. Somehow I was mafia three out of the four times we played, and every time i somehow gained quite a few people's trust and following. Mainly my sister-in-law Kelsey's. Poor kelsey would believe me, trust me, defend me, and follow me until i died. After finding out i was mafia and that i had lied to her over and over again with the most innocent and sweet face possible, i dont know if our trust can ever be mended. You should have seen her hurt face, i almost felt bad.. almost.

Nevertheless, you all have been warned. I can lie through my teeth and not feel a thing. this dates back to high school when i became a compulsive liar (my mom told me no one would like me if i lied to them.. good thing i found someone as weird as myself) . When I would meet people (boys) I would never tell them my real name or any real information about myself. it was a weird thing and apparently it became a habit.

When I met zach at a party (i was a freshman in college at this time), I told him my name was Samantha. This confused him because he knew that wasnt my name, but he didnt know what it really was. when he did find out it was liz rock, he thought i was lying about my last name (i dont blame him), we had to verify this with several people before he believed me.

The first time he text me all he said was, "Samantha?"

I liked that. I knew we would get along.

Now, I will tell you, you shouldnt be scared or feel uncertain about this fact i have revealed to you. I cannot lie if it is something that matters. zach, and others who know me, can confirm this. For example...calling in sick for work. i cannot do it for the life of me. so dont worry about that potential or current employers. trust me, i have tried and i am completely incapable.

So, although you may think i am just a crazy person, you can still believe that i am an okay person to be friends with.

Lets play again soon zach's friends. (mainly the wives and caitlin and kaylee:)).

(these pics are from a long time ago, but i didnt have any from last night... brooke, johnny, dane, kaylee, harts and todd and emily are not pictured)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

how could you not love these faces?

I started my internship in SLC recently (which im loving...) and as i was walking upstairs today i glanced through the window of a real estate agency located in the same building and was pleasantly surprised to see my friend (zach's friend) slothy p (matt) through the glass. he was in a meeting and i couldnt get his attention, but i was glad that i shared my building with this face.... (the one on the right). and i might start leaving notes/ teddy bears on his desk/car while he doesnt know i work there... i might be a stalker i might not...

I love zach's friends.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

oh hey..

Today is a watch cheaperbythedozen and reorganizeeverythinginthehouse(apartment)again instead of do homework day.

Im stressed out about school- and life- and its only been a week into the semester.

Im writing for the school newspaper (not by choice-by force) this semester and when my editor was critiquing my article i wrote on the hockey game I almost started crying.

He said,"Have you, um, ever actually read a sports article?"
me:"um, i dont know, my uncle is brad rock, so, uh, i guess ive read his article...once or twice."

maybe i should leave the sports to the rock monster. the helmrock monster just doesnt flow as well.

You guys I felt bad for him (my editor, seth). he's a really nice guy and felt really awkward that i wouldnt look him in the eyes because they would start tearing up.

And.. this is unlike me.

I can handle criticism- i was a cheerleader in high school. Every move i made was criticized, i actually grew to like it and learn from it(most of the time)

tears meant nothing to our coach (who had coached dramatic high school girls for 20 years and had been through plenty of tears).

And.. i have 3 brothers. that means no sensitivity in the rock household.

now i just do a dance when my brother tells me my new haircut makes me look like scout (the eight-year old tom boy on To Kill a Mocking Bird).

anyways... today I just scribbled notes on my paper and said, "uh-huh" between pauses without looking up.

and.. im graduating soon, well at least thats what people keep telling me and stressing me out about. it makes me feel sick. really sick.

"when are you going to take this class, you know its required, right?"

no, i didnt. but thanks i will take another freakin summer class.

"what are you going to do when you graduate?"

i dont know. i dont know. i dont know.

"well, what do you want to do"

nothing. nothing. nothing.

"good luck with that"

thanks. good luck to you too.

"am i now having conversations with myself over the world wide web?"



I know. to make me feel better, i'll post 3 blog posts in one day.

my husband said that i was cute and that i should just enjoy my life.

i like him.
(except that he got a ticket last night. that would be ticket number 4 in the past 6 months...our insurance company, and our bank account, hate us right now..)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merry Christmas!

"The gift of Christmas isn't wrapped up in presents or parties. The gift of Christmas is Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten of the Father, the Son of God. As you follow Him, you put people first. You may spend less time in lines and more time serving others. You may spend less money on - and more time with - the people you love. You may lose yourself and you may find everything else that matters."

I know i know, its a little late for a Christmas post, but the spirit of Christmas should last longer than a month in my opinion anyways. And since i didnt get a chance to post anything before, I am going to do a combined Christmas and new years post. I am grateful for Christmas because it is a whole season dedicated to remembering Christ and celebrating his birth. I love everything about the season. And New years gives me a chance to set new goals and start fresh. I also try to take time to look back and reflect on all the blessings I recieved throughout the year... Not many for me, only marrying the boy of my dreams (i feel like i should say boy instead of man because i think were still little kids...except he's old). No, I have been very blessed this year, just as I have every year. and I think i am happier than i ever have been.

Here is a little message for you to keep with you, not just at Christmas time.

I still dont know how to upload videos {i know, technology is not my thing, but i blame my laptop}.

More Costa Rica!

These pics were all taken by my sister-in-law kelsey. I also have some great pics from brother-in-law dave, but they wont upload right now so they will be a treat for another time.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in Costa Rica...Yes, Please.

The best way to escape the cold weather blues is to leave the country. And that is what we did. The Helms vacationed to Costa Rica for Christmas this year, and it was fabulous.

Me and Zach spent Christmas eve and Christmas with my family in cold Utah and had lots of fun playing super nintendo (im kind of obsessed with super mario brothers, i think my family would agree), eating yummy treats (nonstop),
going to Sherlock Holmes (which I LOVED... the music made the show... i maybe stole that phrase from my husband...but its true), playing games, hanging out, getting homemade pj's from my mama, camelback water bottles from Ben(which i take everywhere now), and a cute hat (that zach says looks like a british police hat, which is fine, becuase i love sherlock holmes) from the little boys(which i may or may not have picked out for them to buy me..), and many great presents from my parents (including the knitted headband that every girl in provo now owns but i still wear proudly and homemade lotion that im in love with). It was a fun day which ended with me and zach being dropped off at the airport to meet the Helm family who was already in Costa Rica.

We left at 8 from the SLC airport and arrived in Costa Rica at 630 the next morning. Then took a 3 hour bus ride to Jaco to meet up with the rest of the fam. Quite a journey, but we did survive. After the bus ride we took a cab to find the beach house.after being on a bus with no air conditioning, running off no sleep, having no food in my stomach and having no clue where we really needed the cab to take us, a bus-like van passed us with 2 familiar faces.

Ive never been so happy to see Rob and Jon.

The rest of the trip was pure bliss (similar to the feeling described in my previous post).

We layed on the beach, swam in the pool, saw monkeys, freed baby turtles into the wild, ziplined through the jungle, saw a live volcano, went to a fresh fruit market, played under a waterfall, shopped, ate in an abandoned airplane restaurant, ate rice, beans, and chicken for (almost) every meal (yum), played mafia, watched zach and alex dance to justin timberlake (maybe not a highlight), and got to play with the babies and hang out with the helms all week. What a great way to spend the christmas vacation.

Altogether, this one one of the best christmas vacations yet, and one of the best moments was walking into murdock the day after we got back and finding that they had hired a new receptionist to work saturdays! what a great way to end the break.

I love christmas time and spending time with family and friends, and my little husband.He got me Up, the movie, for christmas because he knows i love it (and when we watched it i started crying because i often cry during movies and because i thought it was sweet and im afraid that zach will be like the old man: grumpy, but seceretly loves the annoying neighbor kid and every other living creature) along with many many early presents, trust me i was spoiled, just ask zach he will name each and every gift.... more than once probably.

Here are just a few of the pics that i took before my camera died:

more to come..