Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hi we're little, still.

I bought an iPad and zach bought and iTouch and we love apple.
Thank you Neutron and we're over being adults right now.
so, come play paper toss or watch bachelor pad (so trashy, yet so good) on my abc player instead of on the tv, just because you can!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm ready to talk about school now

even though i started again today,
those 2 weeks off were quite refreshing.

for awhile there, well really since my newswriting class, I had a hard time talking (or writing) anything (especially good) about my classes.

but now im ready.
mainly because I had a really, really good experience with my writing and production class.

I loved my teacher, loved so many of the guest speakers, loved the non-profit organization I
worked for and loved my classmates... (mainly because they graded me on my final project, and although i made a video and the internet cut out half way through my presentation and I couldnt finish it, the grade they gave me on it averaged out to be an A... which I wasn't expecting and was so pleasantly surprised about... and now I feel bad I underestimated them.. sorry guys...).

Anyways, I only want to go into one guest speaker...
Her name is Aubrey and she works for the Children's Miracle Network
and I think I want to be her.

She is the communications director for them and has her hand in all of it.
And the fact that the organization she is working for is helping to save kids lives doesn't hurt either;)

She told us about a program they called Champions, where they have 2 kids from each state all meet up in Washington DC and they make a special week out of it for the kids.

I'm going to tell you about one of the kids.

Tim (isn't his real name, but I cant remember it.. And I like the name Tim..) is 13 years old and was the pitcher of his all-stars team. On the morning of his championship game (which is a BIG
deal for that age) Tim had a stomach ache. His mother told him it was called butterflies and it'll feel better once the game starts, but Tim wasn't so sure. They decided to run to the Instacare before the game started and were immediately rushed to the emergency room to have surgery on the tumor in his stomach.

And they started chemo that afternoon.

Tim was invited to the Champions week, and his mom, dad and little brother came along, too.
The whole trip Tim and his brother were fighting and Tim was acting like a 13 year old boy, a little too cool for everything.The night the champions went to the Nationals baseball game, Tim was invited to go onto the field and throw the first pitch and meet strausberg, which is a really big deal. He was also able to bring one person with him to go onto the field.
And, of course, he brought his best friend, his little brother.
And neither of them could wipe a smile off their face the rest of the night.

I don't know why exactly, but this little story hit home for me.
Maybe its because I saw my little brothers... Under MUCH less dramatic circumstances, but baseball was life for a long time for them, and not being able to play in your championship game would break your heart... Although that is the least of their problems.
And, it doesn't matter how annoying they are, you would choose them over anyone, every time.
I see this in zach and Alex, too.
And my little allsop boys.

The boys and their ugly hair.
high school happens to all of us I guess.
alex likes to cuddle.
they are little boys, too.

and this is luke allsop.. I could tell you 100 reasons why I love this kid, or I could show you this picture of us leaving for a basketball game and tell you he was wearing his cowboy boots and it would probably have the same affect.

And don't tell zach, but one day I'll have my 5 boys, too:)

So... I'm all over the place in this post.
To sum up:
1. I like my communications classes (please remind me of this when I start breaking down in a few weeks)
2. One day I'll be done with school and have a real life... One day
3. I started crying in class probably 4 different times when Aubrey was speaking.. I wish I could tell you more of "the champions" stories. so sweet.
4. I want boys, not girls, and not for 5 years... But I do know I want boys, I always have.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


He ran his marathon.
Dislocated vertebrae and all.
Like it was no big deal.

I know how hard he worked and how many times he ran 15 miles and then didn't complain when I made him do laundry and meet friends for dinner and stay up late.
He's worked hard for this and I'm proud of him (kind of jealous, but mostly just proud).

For some reason I keep thinking of my little cousin,Van, asking, "who's that big guy."
He is a big guy. A big tough guy...That's super skinny now...
And that runs marathons like it's no big deal...

Candice ran the last 8 miles with him.
She was his support.
Not just on game day when he was on mile 26 and wanting to kill those last .2 miles,
But from day one, telling him what to eat, what shoes to wear and how far to run.
She's a good sis.

Good job Zach boy.
I may or may not run the next one with you.

You can read one of my fav blog posts he's written HERE

Support crew.
Right before the race.

Mags and Alice ran the half marathon. I was happy to see them bright and early! They were tough chicks! Good job mags.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inc. 500 and I love my job.

So let's all pretend I didn't just feel sorry for myself for winning 500 bucks, ok?

The whole thing came to pass because I work for an awesome company.
they had a surprise party for us today because Neutron made the Inc, 500 list.
we are apparently the 366th fastest growing company in the U.S.
which is kind of awesome.
Im not proud of myself, by any means, but i am proud of my company, because they are awesome and we have 2 incredible owners.
And, as the 2009 Inc. 500 article states, “When the going gets tough, the tough show up on the Inc. 500.”
and in case I haven't already told you (I probably have), let me tell you why neutron rocks:
The owners, Dan and Shaun, care about their employees.
That's what it comes down to.
They have created a motivating, awesome environment to work in, and everyone there wants to do more and make more and be more.
And that is because of them.

Our goofy/awesome owners.
congrats guys.

A few things i love about neutron:
- dan and shaun have quarterly meetings with each person in the company.
- catered lunches everyday (this is one of the reasons all i talk about is food)
- suites at bees games (which is one of the best things you could do on a summer night... and they have freaking good guacamole...)
- yoga class and breakfast on friday mornings
- amazing designers (just look at the neutron site... click here... they're incredible)
- the interior design of our office (our CFO loves interior design. its hilarious and awesome)
- the weird/organic/trendy snacks we have (pop chips and soy silk chocolate milk= yum)
- that we're a mac shop (love)
- being on a team that is basically starting from scratch, so having to come up with new ideas and think of more effective ways of doing things
- being able to write with an expo marker on the office table
- the moleskin notebook i just got.. super cool
- the super cool people i work with
- that one of zach's bf's (sloth) works in the office below me
- that were going on a fun summer retreat to snowbird for the weekend
- and because they are awesome owners who, again, care about their employees.

there are many other reasons I like going to work everyday, but those are some highlights.
so come work with me
seriously though, let me know if you fit any of these (click here) positions and want to apply.
you wont regret it:)

Can someone please help me be a grown up for 2 seconds, please?

I won some money at work.
500 bucks to be exact.
And it took everything in me not to go buy a pretty, pretty Ipad.

I went to the Apple store and just looked at it.
I neeeeeed it (dont I?).

But then I remembered im a grown up who has to register her car this month and put some money towards that tuition thing (boo school).

So I walked away being boring and old.
and with a new skirt.
im super mature, you guys.

but secretly (not secretly) i still want it.
really bad.

can someone please help me be a grown up?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let me tell you about my skin.

This summer, my skin has seemed to become allergic to the sun and my face breaks out in a sort of rash every time I get sunburned.
I am not ok with it.
But I also dont know what to do because I get the feeling my aquaphor isn't making things better.
It usually does.
My latest reaction has made me think about all my skin has put me through over the years.
I cant recreate all of them for you, but here are some highlights...

In high school, we went to California for a cheerleading competition, and they put GLUE on our EYES so the glitter would stay.was this a good idea or even necessary?
and this is the best pic I could find to show you what they did to our eyes.
(and maybe I also wanted you to show you our awesome fergilicious outfits).

Consequently, the next morning my eyes had an allergic reaction and were swollen shut.
I iced, called my dermatologist (who i have become very close to over the years), and then resorted to aquaphor... by the handful... for the rest of the week on my eyes.
it's the only thing that helped.
this pic was taken a few days later.
the first few days people had a hard time looking at me.
all they could say was "you look awful..."
and not even in a "you really do look bad you should stay in your room" way, more in a "you like like you're in pain and i feel bad there is nothing i can do for you" sort of way.
I'll spare you looking at those.
Why I was not wearing sunglasses and still allowing for pictures to be taken of me, we will never know.

Oh and I also had a gash on my noes from falling on my face practicing right before our competition.
Just to add to the drama of my situation.
and no, my skin also does not heal.

... The next year, senior year, I went on acutane.
And, of course, like I always do, I overestimated my skin and went ahead and got my eyebrows waxed because, come on, homecoming was coming up.
Ya, awesome idea, I know.
The next morning... as you might have guessed... my eyes were swollen shut.
and it was worse than the first time.if that is possible.
My mom took one look at me and said "Oh honey, you dont have to go to school today."
but unfortunately i still had to go to my first period.. cheerleading... you dont miss that unless your on your death bed. sue lu ran a tough ship over at BHS.
I literally couldnt see five feet in front of me, but I went.
And they gasped, literally had to cover their mouths when they saw me (and remember, they were all there the first time).
And again, all I could do was take a few days off of school, call Dr. Williams (I have his cell programmed in my phone for emergencies now...) and resort to aquaphor, because it heals all things, including my crazy skin diseases.
Anyways, if you are still there, the point of my story is this...

choose aquaphor.
i dont know how, but it does heal everything (almost everything).
give it a try.
or at least keep it handy.. if only for emergencies.
(it comes in all sizes)

also if you think you have sensitive skin,
trust me, I feel your pain.

and holly, you're right... posting semi (or completely) unattractive pictures of myself is kind of liberating.
you guys can try it if you want.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

darling, you are the only exception

I like this song.
doesnt the title kind capture you?
me too.
click here!.. if you want to watch the music vid.

I've watched it 4 times.

Finals are this week.
So, naturally, I'm watching Ghost Town (again... since it is my favorite movie right now) and blogging and watching music videos on youtube, like 'you are the only exception,' which i never do.

Besides the week of finals week, of course.

Want to come play games or watch me clean my house or go out to eat or, really, do anything? because there are very few things I would say no to right now. Since the alternative is my final project.

just let me know.
i'll be laying on my bed waiting.

Monday, August 9, 2010

i remembered that i love to read.

I was completely consumed this weekend with The Hunger Games.
I was lost in their world and fell in love with the characters, Katniss, Prim, Peeta, Gale, Cinna...
I loved escaping into their world for awhile, while I read the book outloud to jer bear all weekend (so we kind of escaped together).
And then I dreamed about it the night I finished it (is that weird?).
And maybe thought about it while I drove to school in the morning.

I hate it when books end, when they start to wrap up I find myself reading slower and slower, because I dont want it to be over.
I dont want all those emotions to leave and my attachments to the characters to be gone.

And then I remembered why I haven't read a book (besides textbooks) for years (so sad).
It's because, as you can maybe tell, I get completely consumed and addicted and I can't focus on anything else.
It's almost pathetic.
But, at the same time, makes me way happy.

I just remembered how much I love reading, how much I've missed it.
So.. feel free to give me suggestions, because I have 2 weeks off of school (starting thursday) and i'm going to READ.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


the tv keeps breaking my heart.
is that pathetic?
maybe a little.

i would say im not going to watch the next season, because EVERY season i am disappointed... but, i know i will.

ali should have have chosen chris.
or kirk.
both were awesome options.

and roberto was reserved for the next season.

Monday, August 2, 2010

21 baby!

happy bday mar.
love this girl.
and love going to the cabin with her and eating 5 billion tootsie rolls, playing cards and walking to the elk creek station.. almost.

(and guys, i know, i wear this dress too much and have red eye in every pic. whatever.)

today me and mary decided that 21 is the prime age.
no one can tell us we cant drive (we dealt with this problem a lot our sophomore year).
cant gamble (thats right people, i can stand on those floors now).
cant check into a hotel by ourselves (sad).
or that we're too young to play kickball (or anything, really).

we're old enough now.
(and probably for the first time ever not a little bit embarrassed to say how old we are).