Thursday, June 17, 2010

We get help from both sides.

Meet my aunt karen.
She's awesome.

***Click "KAREN" above to read the story:)
(she's my aunt in the blue btw...)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Want to Wake Up In That City That Doesnt Sleep

Im sorry I keep using song titles as titles for my posts, im just not that creative. and no one can say it better than frank sinatra and jay-z

And my fave part.. besides the food.. 5th Ave!
A girl can dream, right?
Empire State Building.

the baby.

Circleline tour. I think this was zach's fav part of the trip. It's a boat tour around Manhattan, and it was so worth the time and money. We learned a lot and saw a lot. If you go to NY, you've got to go on this.

well, we loved it..

we also went to a broadway show called Memphis. It was amazing. Of course.
i love broadway.
we met some people who live near NY and they just go to a different Broadway play ever few weeks.
that's the life.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Coco and cand and dave

To break up my NY posts, I will finish catching you up on my last trip..
on the way home from cali, we met candice and dave in vegas for conan's tour.
i wont go into details..(if you want details go here) but what I can say is that i cant wait for his TBS premier. Conan was hilarious as usual and did not disappoint. And I bought a mug.

I bought one at the metropolitan museum, too.
and I am now collecting mugs.
even if my husband thinks it's silly.

Thats him you guys.
and as for these two.. we couldnt ask for better SoSaLa neighbors.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

I couldnt have said it better myself Jay-Z.

NY is the best place ever.
And you better believe I'm sporting an "I heart NY" tee.

We went on a family trip to NY with my fam over memorial day.. and it was so so fun.
My dad genuinely thinks he is a tour guide of NY, so you bet we saw it all.
We let him do his thing and followed him around all weekend (with the exception of some of my ideas.. mainly dealing with food).
He did well. All he needed was a fanny pack:)
I really think his true goal in life is to be a taxi cab driver in NY so he can meet interesting people and give them suggestions on what to do. I also think he loves taxi people.
We had so much fun shopping, seeing new things, and hanging out with the fam.

I love Times Square. I love everything about it. I love the ads, the people, the lights, the energy, the cars, that at midnight it feels like its 4 in the afternoon. Love it.

Can anyone tell me what these two children are doing?? because we just cant figure it out. and they have no clue either. its not a secret handshake, not a coordinated dance, not how they walk.. so weird.

I could sit on these steps all day.

Terry thinks he is the master of chop sticks. This was a yummy Chinese restaurant in China town. Where me and my mom also got a foot massage. Yes, it may have been a little bit sketchy of a place, but I dont care what you say... It was so worth it.. We needed both some time without the men AND a serious foot massage. Im lucky I have a mom who will get foot massages in sketchy places with me.

This pic is a little blurry, but guys, the asian park was not so fond of our white white fam hanging out in it.. and taking pics of them. but we thought it was so cool. tons of asians just hanging out around tables playing cards. I want this life.

ben and dad. ben gets up with the sun, no matter what time the sun gets up. I, on the otherhand, do not. but then again, without ben and my parents, i may have never gotten out of bed in the mornings.

Why cant utah have a central park? liberty just isnt going to cut it for me anymore.
zach ran around the whole park one morning.
I wanted to, but then i didnt.
He is also running a marathon.
again, i wanted to, but im not.

one day ill run again people.

On Friday night we went to a Yankees game. Baseball is the best sport ever. I dont care what anyone says.
Great weather, great hot dogs, great peanuts, great stadium, a great game and the great Jeter and his baseball pants. How could you not love baseball.

AND then there was 30 Rock (and the baby and my pretty mom).. Such a great place. Too bad the Xmas tree wasnt up, thats the only thing that could have made NY better.

I love you NY. I'll be back someday.

one year older and wiser to...

I feel like this phrase brings on a whole new meaning when its the birthday of your marriage (I know that doesnt make sense), but really, it's true.

I feel like I have grown up a lot since last may.. like.. always turning the lights off when I leave a room.

Im growing up like crazy, i know. It is a good thing I have a patient husband who was already (kind of) grown up.

I kind of love him.