Monday, February 27, 2012

zach & alex & their niner love

they held it together slightly better than this.
but then again, they are in their mid to late 20s.
...i know the super bowl is over, but i had to share

mac mac: stay away form fantasy football!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

.our lists as of late

zach told me today that everything he wants right now is $2000.
i asked him what he wants.

here is his list:
- to go to thailand
- an english bulldog
- a hot tub (this one got vetoed fast, we already have a hot tub, it's at cand & dave's:))
- a video camera
- and i think he had one or two more things.. that cost just 2 grand.

i just stick to short term lists. like knobs for the kitchen cabinets and barstools and wallpaper for the stairwell and a new front door. and maybe a trip to vegas.

one thing at a time guys.
but i hope a pup comes sooner rather than later...
and i feel the same about the barstools.

what's on your list... go.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

watched it 4 times in a row.

30 days and counting... 
i don't do midnight showings, but the next day (friday, march 23, to be exact) i'll be there. 
come with!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my lover boy.

i'm usually good with presents, and a little less good with cards, but still pretty good. this year i kind of was bad with both. meaning no card and almost the right gift, but in the wrong form (shopko has like 3 blu-rays you guys... so i settled for just a plain old dvd that i knew he wanted, with the promise of a blu-ray, just... later. at least he liked the movie, right?!)

and yes, we both got each other movies.
except he ended up getting me 2. (21 AND Stranger Than Fiction. both perfect picks).

my favorite part about coming home to this (well, it was originally in a plastic cup held up by the dvd... so, naturally, when i picked up the dvd, excuse me, blu-ray, the flowers, and water, spilled all over) is the block letters. I LOVE IT WHEN HE WRITES IN BLOCK LETTERS. it kind of just reminds me of 4th grade. and i love that he still does them, for special occasions:)

and another thing i always look forward to from z is his cards. he always nails it on the cards.
am i right? that's all i ever wanted, someone who will give me their fries when i run out. really though.

we stopped by the smoots to drop off some condie's chocolate covered strawberries (thanks pamela, all your hard work is really paying off for us) for them and the petersons. we had to get some baby time in before our BIG DATE.

we ended up deciding to hit not one, but two places for din. my personal fav, paces dairy ann... and then off to panda for z.
both happy campers.
don't you just want to say, hey, don't over do it over there on vday helms.
well, we like low key, non-fancy date nights/ actually just take out.
it's just more... us.
in fact, i changed out of heels and my lace top and into a hoodie and jeans for this date. because z likes that liz best. that, i can do, love.

we topped the night off by watching paranormal activites 3 with candice and dave, one of our go-to couples. there always good for a movie night, that is for sure. it was awesome/ freaky freaky freaky.
and oh so romantic.

until next year...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

baby rubs, our birthday girl

this girl can't help but make every person around her smile. we love her to pieces and just cannot get enough of her.

Friday, February 3, 2012

less important announcements like dying my hair and jimmer

can i just tell you that all i ate for lunch today was doritos and 7 layer dip? 
i had a plate of salad, soup and a sandwich - and a breadstick - which are all now  in the trash. not even one bite. (don't tell my motherinlaw how wasteful i am, she doesn't like it when we waste things:)).
i'm secretly a five year old who only wants to eat chips. 
later my friend at work gave me a BIG slice of her apple, she said, "here, eat this. all you ate for lunch was chips."
she saw me. it's fine though.

in other news. i wrote a blog post a couple of days ago... it had the same title. since the title didn't get deleted. but everything else did! my phone had a breakdown for a second and decided to delete all of the text and pics when i was just going to add onemorelittlething. poof. gone.
it took me a couple days to get over it... not really sure why.  it just bugged me! the words don't come out the same way the next time, ya know? so i thought about scratching the whole post. but then i remembered jimmer and how i needed to tell him that we went to his game and cheered for him. and at least it wasn't a midterm paper.
anyways, i'm feeling better now and am ready to tell you about my hair and jimmer again. 

AAAAND my cheetah cardigan from the secondhand shop! it was $4.50/free because i had just over five bucks of credit there. congrats to me! i love it! and to whoever sweater it once was: thank for your donation. i will take gooood care of it. 
(it can be seen underneath my coat in the below pic. you might be seeing a lot of it).

the other thing to note in this pic... I DYED MY HAIR. or rather, lar dyed my hair. 
and i love it as much as i love my cheetah cardigan. and that's a lot you guys. 
zach told me it was his favorite hair of mine to date.
thanks zach boy.
i wonder if he will think that when he finds out i actually have to pay every three months to prevent regrowth and such things us helms have never paid for or thought about before!
we shall see.
lar told me about three times that i HAVE to come back in or my roots will look gray. i had to commit to her that i won't be lazy before she would do it. she knows me a little too well. i'm the laziest hair person you will ever meet. 
but it's a fun change and mine and lars visions just collided and we knew what had to happen.
yay for hair inspiration. lar has it a lot. that is why i go to her, to tell me what she knows i need to do with my hair.
this is all i ever wanted from a hairstylist - to make decisions for me and tell me what looks good. and then actually make it look good! novel idea. bless you for going to hair school lar lar.

now, i know everyone says this game was so conflicting and blah, blah... 
being a jazz fan, i wanted my boys to win. no question about that. BUT i still cheered for jimmer every time he got the ball. and i really wanted him to do good, in like a weird motherly sorta way. ya know? 
but i will say this, we all know jimmer did not actually airball that last shot. he was fouled. that being said, i'm glad the kings lost.
uncle brad wrote a great article about the game here, read up people.
(good xmas presents mom/dad.. fun game, fun game).

AND we got crown burger before the game, which is close to mandatory before a jazz game.
jr crown, fries and a dc, people. oh, and lots o' fry sauce. mmm, mmm.

one other thing. it's baby mac's one week birthday today.

happy friday!