Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a cute babe and a cute boy

Just thought I'd share.

one decision at a time...and other important matters

I have a choice to make every day/every time I take a shower (Sorry I don't shower every day... I don't even have an excuse for you.... I just don't...). I can either wash my hair or shave my legs. This is due to our flippin water heater. Shave legs wins one in, like, 7 times.

My sister-in-law is starting to call me a granola, but guys, I HAVE TWO MINS & 30 SECONDS OF HOT WATER (ah, that took a long time to type all caps on the iPhone). So buy me a new water heater/ take it up with Doris (landlord: 75 yrs old, gorgeous white hair and in love with my husband- im serious, he has a way with the elderly) and I'll have smooth, shiny legs for you (unfortunately just not wearing shorts/skirts is off the table- hey I only have like 3 months of summertime!!!).

Happy pioneer day/weekend!! And p.s. Both Z and I are Fbook friends with Gordon Hayward. holla.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

.days like today

Zach asked how my day was.
I told Zach that today was stupid.

And that I just want to eat this "Late Night Snack."
Ive never tried it, but I really want to.
Because the ingredients consist of vanilla bean ice cream, salty caramel swirls and fudge covered potato chip clusters.

That ice cream was made for me.
I think.
I haven't actually tried it.

Unfortunately they only sell it in secret places. I tried 3 stores...
Could you find it for me??
I need it, like, yesterday.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Stadium of fire

we went to stadium of fire with my familia this year
and it was SO GOOD.
maybe it's because for some reason i didn't have high expectations, but i enjoyed it thoroughly.
david archuletta opened, darling as usual.
then brad paisley sang.
And I'll just go ahead and admit that I knew the words to almost every one of his songs. I've always been a country music kinda girl, but sometimes a closet one. So there's that.
He was a great performer.
then, the fireworks. and they were SO GOOD!
I'm telling you guys, if you get the chance next year... You should go.
Afterwards there was a dance party outside the stadium, which just looked a lot more awesome than waiting in traffic.
And luckily my mama has been a mom for a long time and packed cookies, rice crispy treats and a cooler full of drinks to make the time spent in traffic more enjoyable.
And it was.
And since me and Zach and my mom have all lived in provo at one point or another, we found a super fast way out of there and traffic really didn't get to us.

Oh and before the show we stopped at a provo Fav. Diegos for din. And it didn't disappoint. My little brother told me the other night he had a dream about the burrito he ate, "it was the best burrito ive ever had."
It's worth trying if you're in the happy valley.
At least we think it is:)

yay for summertime!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

.i had a birthday

In Dallas.
For work.
Over a month ago.
And my housekeeping people/ "room atte." left me a note. and they didnt even know it was my bday.
so i knew i was off on the right foot.

then there was a cow, because, well, it's Dallas...
and that's a blurry picture of me on a cow.
it doesn't make sense to me either guys.

lets just say it was fabulous.
and it had it's own water park.

oh and this whole dallas trip was timed perfectly.
with round 4 of the finals and all.
and i got lucky enough to go.
and it was AAA-MA-ZING
i called almost everyone i knew afterwards to tel them.
sorry if you were one of those people, it's just, i've never been to a finals game before.
such a rush (even if mr. dirk did have the flu).
even moreso when the mavs beat the heat!
(and yes, this means i have 3 teams now- turns out i'm a bball fan).

maybe because it was because i ate it at midnight,
or maybe because it was a pleasant surprise to come back to after the game,
but i think this was one of the best cakes i've ever eaten.

oh, and i guess i was there for work...
and i have to say, our booth was pretty awesome.

now, I know I'm a little behind on the updating of the blog- but bare with me. summer is buuuussy. but trust me, i have thought about blogging many a times:)
i have all winter to blog, right?!

Friday, July 1, 2011

.liz & bug date

i call her bug or lar lar.
a lot of people call her LG nowadays.
and tonight i visited her new house in the Avenues. which is just lovely. because what isn't lovely in the Aves?
And then we walked (I repeat- walked) to Gateway for sushi, because guys happy sumo gives you $15 bucks for your bday to spend there. our total was $2.75. It was awesome.
and then we went into juicyberry and only got samples of frozen yogurt. and to top it off, i was barefoot by that time (my feet were done with me, you know, after all that walking business).
We also ran into a darling little friend from high school who just got married to a nineteen year old girl (who is also darling) and we spent much time afterwards talking about how young she is/seems/i was nineteen when i got married, but whatever...

it was a fabulous night at the gateway (as usual) eating outdoors, listening to the guy playing the guitar and sitting there for 3 hours talking and looking at people.
she's my girl.