Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And in case you were wondering...

We really did go to the wedding.
And Tiersha and Josh were so so darling.
And I LOVED that they had dancing because we were on the dance floor all night.
And the photographer maybe loved us.. sorry tiersh..

I love Tiersha. She is so funny and was seriously the most perfect roommate.
And she even put up with us bountiful girls.
And Zach boy:)

Beautiful night.

We've got more bounce in California

Our much needed getaway to Cali for my old roommate, Tiersha's, wedding was just what we needed.

We left late Wednesday night and stayed at my cute cousin holly's house in Vegas with her cute boys. Cutest boys ever. Lennon is hilarious and I cant get enough of Larry's red hair and huge blue eyes. They really need to move to Utah.

And I might have been acting like I was in charge on this trip and set my alarm, as decided, for 6:00 am.... But my Iphone (which come on has never failed me before.. and never will again) never decided to take into consideration the time change... So we woke up at 5 and didnt know that until we were in the car ready to go... I probably should not be put in charge of anything really.

But as you can see, we were happy campers. Sleep or no sleep.

We then drove the rest of the way to Cali and went straight to Disneyland! Seriously so fun. Perfect weather and no crowds. Fabulous day with Mickey.

What we do without our mag pie. We love her.

The crew. We had fun. Me and Zach loved hanging out with mags and Ryan.. and eating their leftovers. These two always have leftovers. Just for future reference.

They are also good for conversation. And we like them ok:) So yes, we will keep them.

And here is Ryan's solo shot. He wanted it way bad. He loves solo shots.

Just kidding. But I do love solo shots.

Cute husb.

"Yaaa Ry, it's totally normal to wear your sweater around your waist..."


The beach was maybe windy, but still, it was the beach. And we walked down to Ho Sum Bistro and got the combo salad. I love.

Also people, if you go to Newport anytime soon, Chronic Tacos is a must.. And Ruby's diner, yes please.. Keep that in mind.

And this here was the turning point of our trip. Really though, I think it was the only thing ryan actually wanted to accomplish on this trip.. Golfing in the middle of death valley. Nice swing ry.

Why cant I live in Cali?

first things first...

Ruby girl was blessed.
This was not a recent event.
But, nonetheless, it was an event worth noting.
Mainly because she is so cute. And so was her bonnet.

Trust me, we tried hard to get a good pic, it just wasnt happening that day. So this is us.

WE have been tied up. And I know that all 5 of my followers are not happy about it. But you guys, we have moved to SLC and we have not had internet.. which makes it very hard to blog... but i am back for good now. and I am also very happy to be in SLC. and I love our little house we are living in, and the neighbors across the street who left a note on our car that we cant park in front of their house (because they own the street, of course!)... But, we are still very, very happy to be here.

I have to go to bed now. But cali with these two lovelies is coming soon!