Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pure Bliss

Tonight I took my last final of the semester.
Nothing feels quite as good as turning in that last exam.
And in the words of mag, it is "pure bliss."

The one person who may be happier than me right now is Rob in this photo.

Life is good.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

what did you do this weekend?

Zach just watched the 49ers from the field..........
Met Steve Young........
Got a picture with Jerry Rice.......
Fullfilled his life's dream.......

Zach insisted on putting his arm around his hero j dog.

What did you do this weekend?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Does your husband ever take your pillow from you while your sleeping and put it on the floor?

cool. mine doesn't either....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

these cuties.

I played with these babies all weekend.
i love them.

and every five minutes lacey said,"liz where zach?"
me: "he's at work lace"
lacey:"oh. ok call him. i love zach he funny.

i got her to go to bed by saying if she slept all night we could play with zach in the morning. so in the morning we went to breakfast with santa, with some of the downs syndrome kids and their families in the area. but lacey wanted to skip sitting on santa's lap and go home to see if zachy was awake yet.

i think she likes him more than i do...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6 months and still married.

i like when you put your name into songs and make up new dance moves {and teach them to my brothers. these moves should not be passed on}.

i like when you buy me flowers for no reason, but always say you dont know if they're the ones i would like. i like them all. especially when they're for no reason.

i like that you dont get the point of making the bed {or putting extra pillows on it} but you do it anyways. 2 days a week.

i like when you buy the groceries {even if it means 2% milk and white bread}.

I like when you try to fix things and you get out your 20 dollar tool set from target. but i still usually end up fixing it:)

i like friday nights with little caesars and the trusty DVR.

I like that you think im pretty with no make up on. {or at least pretend to}.

I like that your a picky eater but will always at least try {even if its just one bite} anything i make.

I like that you love movies and love showing me movies i havent seen and pausing every fifteen minutes to explain to me what's going on even if i dont ask. {very few people could handle my constant gasps or questions during movies}.

I like that you eat smoothies over milkshakes and strawberry ice cream over chocolate and a chicken sandwhich over a hamburger {even though i think its kind of really weird}.

i like that you always lock the door when you leave before me in the morning.

i like calling you at 8:50 from work and asking what your doing and what we're going to do when i get home and what you ate for dinner, even though i usually already know all the answers.

i like that little kids love you, even if it is at my expense.

i like that you surprsised me about where we were going on our honeymoon {your usually not very good at surprises}.

i like that you think its funny when i freak out about things {i only sometimes like this}.

and i like that your stuck with me forever. i wish you luck boy.

Happy 6 months and a few days!
love you!
Photos are by my friend michelle... after our wedding.. she's building her portfolio and me and zach got to help her out a little bit. probably because his suit is so good looking.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

anyone need their house cleaned?

today i made dinner for my husband {its sad how happy this deprived boy was}.
and yesterday i scrubbed our bathroom.
and organized our kitchen cabinets.
tonight im going running.

hmmm.... finals must be right around the corner.

when they overwhelm me, i do nothing.
someone come help me {our house is too small, there is nothing left for me to organize!}.
but it is one way to get me to go running:)