Wednesday, January 26, 2011

am i awkward or am i scary.

so I pull into the parking lot at the exact same time as this guy I work with. Same guy, same time, almost everyday. We must be on the same schedule.

One problem: he sits in his car until I'm almost to the stairs and then he gets out and starts walking.

the first time this happened, I didn't think about it.
well, actually I did, I thought, what are we going to talk about all the way down the stairs and across the street. Fortunately, we didn't have to chit chat because he stayed in his car.
second time, ok whatever, he must really want to finish the song on the radio.
third, must be saying his prayers before he gets out, right?
fourth, fifth. Ok, weird.

it's just that we never officially met and now it's been too long to officially meet so we are stuck in a this situation of giving half smiles and not making eye contact.

you guys, i must either be super scary or super awkward.

my friend at work says I'm too little to be scary- so i must just be awkward.
good insight.

either way, i think it's weird and it bugs me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

mouth boy

me and zach got to have a sleepover with Ira Saturday night... you should be jealous because he is the cutest baby ever.
but he's not a baby-ruby's a baby (he reminded me of that several times).
he shared his toys, shared his coke, charmed our friends, went right to sleep at bedtime, was so quiet at church (except for clicking his mouth, which I just let him do because it entertained him and was so cute), ate treats (I:"aunt lizzy, can i have some more treats?" how do you say no to that...), listened to stories (zach's was about an evil refrigerator and mine was about a princess... he liked mine way better.... sorry, jon), let me cuddle with him while watching Word Girl save the world (lovely) and cracked up at literally everything z said (I:"zachy, you're a silly guy..." great for the self-esteem).

me and zach have discussed it and....
we're going to keep him.
and his parents are totally fine with it;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wendell saves the day.

So... I wrote a note to UPS and left it on my door.
It said, "UPS man/woman, if no one answers, please take my package back to the UPS center in SLC and I will pick it up there tomorrow."
So... The UPS man/woman decided to completely disregard my little note and leave the package on my front door.
And I got a delivery confirmation that the package was left on my front door.
And no one was there.
Thanks a lot UPS.

When I got home that night the package was not there.
And I knew it had, of course, been stolen.
Defeated, i went to bed angry (even ask z, he was scared of me after I bit his head off for telling me to look at the tv or else I'd miss the man falling off the electrical pole, again).
This morning we got a knock at our door, right before I left to work.
And it was Wendell, old, very few teeth, cigarette in hand, with my package.
He told me he had read my note and was mad that UPS disregarded it and that he had been watching it the entire day to make sure it was still there.
And when we weren't home by nine, he figured we were out of town and he grabbed it for us.
Bless his heart.

A few things to note here:
1. Wendell knew I had left a note for UPS.
2. Wendell watched the package all day.
3. Wendell told me i better "b****" to UPS for leaving it or else he will.
4. Wendell knows when we leave every morning and when we usually get home at night.
5. Wendell's got our backs.

Thanks Wendell. We're glad you're our neighbor.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I learned a long time ago that mint chocolate chip ice cream makes things better.

Even when you find out you either take 3 more credits or pay an extra 400 bucks.
It's a long story.
Which ends with me telling zach that it's too hard to be old and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and watching tv instead of going to class.
It's just one of those regrouping days.

Is it worth $400? Of course it is, right?
I don't think it is, and neither does zach (mainly because I sometimes turn into a crazy person when i get overwhelmed), but i still have to do it. Because I'm very responsible and pay my bills and don't waste money, like 400 bucks. Even when it makes me want to cry.

See ya later.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I had a goal to make frozen meals Saturday, and then when Saturday came I didn't want to anymore, but I still did.

Thanks to my mama.
And it took pretty much our whole Saturday.
But it will last me and z.... About a month.
And they are deeelish.
So feel free to steal one of the recipes (found on my aunts/cousins food blog....yum)
Because your husband might be as happy as mine.
(And they are easy enough that even I made them taste good.....and that's saying something).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My new years resolution (or maybe next years)

I want to learn to cook. Bake. Do anything with food besides microwave it.
My excuse is time.
But really, I just don't like it.
I don't like grocery shopping, chopping vegetables, touching cold, slimy meat, having a dirty kitchen.... And then eating a mediocre meal.
I do like looking at food though.
And i do admire cooks.

And, recently (as in 20 minutes ago after looking at THIS blog), I've decided I'm going to like it.
Either this year or next.
(am I allowed to have a two year new years resolution? Whatever.)
But I am serious.
I'm not making any commitments to you before I graduate, but after that.... I hear I'll have more time.
Thus no excuse.

So hold me to it.
One day, food will be my thing (and not just the eating it part).

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


i have had a pit in my stomach all day.
call me dramatic, call me a baby, but get back to me when it's your last semester of school ever.
if i had any friends in my program (so... like 2) they graduated in December.
and i'll be completely honest.
i'm completely jealous.
april can't come soon enough.

guys, i know, i'll live... i just had to get that out.

fortunately we got a little breather between semesters.
by little breather i mean a cruise to mexico.
and it was fabulous.
thanks to the lovely pamela and rob, we needed that.

Scooter love.

taco stand love.

greg love (we all saw the way you looked at him jon...)

there was one (maybe 30) thing(s) i loved in each country, and hey, i wouldn't mind if we packed greg (our new friend from chicago who showed us a fabulous secret(?) beach) in our suitcases. would you zach? i think not.

Now.... back to the grind.
Did i already have christmas? since mexico didn't feel like christmas, i think im allowed to keep my tree up for a couple more weeks, right...?

My husband refused to take food out of his mouth even for a picture. a cruise will do that to you, you know.

if i were to guess, alex just did something creepy. that never happens though.