Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Utah, please don't hail like that again. Thanks, Liz.

p.s. And if you could bring us some of these, that'd be great.
We are totally, totally ready not to wear our lovely Northface gear anymore.

Friday, April 22, 2011


When I think clutch, i think driving a stick shift.
You have no choice but to be clutch when you are at a 4-way stop and it's your turn to go and youve been driving stick for a day and a half and you have four friends in your car.
So, you somehow make it through.
But only because there are two options: you choke or you be clutch.

I think this is how a lot of things in life are. A lot of little things.

One time,
about a year ago,
this kid in my class said, "I would take liz on my team any day, she's clutch."
i think he was half joking, but for some reason, all this time later, i can't get that statement out of my head.
I wouldnt say im clutch, I would say I'm stubborn.
But either way, this little thought in a classmates head changed a little thing in me.
I cant quite explain it.

My cousin, jordy, told me awhile ago that on graduation day ill feel like I can do anything.
She was right.
If i can go to four years of college, i can do anything.
As silly as that sounds, for today at least, I think its true.

*and, the girl in the above picture is Rachel. She's pretty.
More on her later.
Sorry if you're already sick of graduation posts, but.... It was kinda my whole life for a lots a years (did you know that?!??).

Amen, brotha

(via redstamp)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

oh, happy day

I cant explain the feeling, except that about two million pounds fell off my shoulders all at once.
All those first day of class stomach aches, two o clock in the morning library fun, driving to provo and anxiety anxiety anxiety over finals finals finals.
Z said he was proud of me- and even on HIS blog (and probably almost as excited as me-since he's the one who has to hear the constant complaints, he's a good husband, I like him).
He also said I was maybe being a little dramatic.
But I can assure you I was not.

Even when I screamed in the car.
And maybe had a tear or two streaming down my face.

This is a day to remember folks.
And, ok, I might be just a little bit dramatic, but, school honestly just took a lot out of me. everyday. Of my entire life. And I feel reeeeal good about being done.

And this is a pic of my day.
Yes, my day.
My beautiful, beautiful day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

.everybody needs a sue

There are a few people in my life who I feel like can look at me and see my soul.
Sue harkness is one of those people.
She just knows the right thing to do or say and exactly when I need it most.
Like when I woke up on V-day in high school to my front porch coverered in chocolates, little gifts and a simple sue note.
Above and beyond. Every day.
I want to be like her.

Last week I got an email from her ending with, "hope all is going great for you.. and always remember that you are beautiful, fantastic, amazing, beyond phenomial, crazy fun, and sosososoososossooo sweet!!

Like I said, everybody needs a sue.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

.doritos and peanut butter m&ms

Lar came over today.
She tells it like she sees it.
Always has.

Today when she was over she said, "You're out of toilet paper."
So i said, "Oh ya, I know, heeere."
Then she said, "Napkins. Napkins from Subway?"

I told her z was at the grocery store buying tp.

Then he came home.

Me: oh you got everything I asked for, doritos AND peanut butter M&Ms. You're the best.
Lar: did you get tp.
Z: oh, I forgot to get that.

Then he asked her if she wanted him to pour her a bowl of off-brand honeycomb.
Then she asked if that's what we usually eat for dinner (while unable to stop laughing), and I told her no, we usually eat leftovers from my work, doritos or chips and salsa.

This is when she preceded to tell us we were white trash...

And there you have it.
But at least we have friends who will set us straight, right?
After all, what are best friends for?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

.the boys

they wont tell you this, but they like me.

and it's because i sometimes buy them frosty's (dollar menu, of course) and tell them what to wear on the first day of school (still).
and read harry potter 7 to them.
and the hunger games.
and now they're old. so i make them ask girls to dances and teach them how to drive stick.
and look at their girl friends blogs with them (did you know high schoolers have blogs... they do).

* above is B
also known as tj
he loves causing drama.
just ask zach.
he also refuses to use more than one word in text messages.
"yes" and "ok" are the most commonly used.
and... he introduced me to: "I Need a Doctor."
and likes "Empire State of Mind" almost as much as me.

*below is j-man.
also referred to as jer bear.
which name do you think this 15-year-old prefers?
oh well, he called me "wiz" until he was like 13.
he prefers reading over almost anything else in the world.
and in this picture is texting, playing pokemon on gameboy and watching tv.
And- he may or may not know every word to every song in Wicked.
we like our little nerd.

for some reason, it is common for people to think me and ben (older bro) are the only 2 sibs.
we're not.
the boys (Ben included) are the first to tell me when they don't like my look.
B: you look greeeat today. I looove your hair like that (said with just a tiny hint of sarcasm... You'd never guess).
J: why are you wearing that belt over your shirt? Does zach like that? Did you go to work like that?

But really, I know they like me.
And no, they aren't twins.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

.home is wherever im with you

z will be the first to tell you that youtube is not my thing.
which seems weird, but i guess i just wrote it off after spending one too many nights watching youtube clip after youtube clip my freshman year (bless the dorms).
it was all the rave way back then:)
and now i may or may not start plugging my ears (which he loves, as we all would) when z tries to show me more than one clip at a time on there.
one clip/week is pretty much my limit.

im weird you guys.

but every once in awhile i find a gem, as we all do, and fall in love with youtube all over again.
or maybe just this girl.
me and z watched this like 3 times already (i maybe watched it a few times after he was done, too).
and she's to die for.
especially when she gets all excited around 1:03 or pretends to whistle at 1:38.
and i just love the song.

we'll take two of her, please.


and THIS, my friends, is exactly what i needed to hear (via: redstamp).
because i live each day lately just to not die in the middle of it.
because im sick of school.
and driving to freaking provo.
and the stress of midterms. papers. quizzes. finals.

right now, it's things like this little thought and design below that make me happy.
things that i catch myself smiling about for longer than two seconds.
like new episodes of modern family and parks and rec.
and when zach sends me photos of mags, ry b and james sukhan on the cover of byu magazines in random doctors offices.
and Stranger than Fiction, when Kay Eiffel says (one of my favorite all-time quotes which i have to remind myself of often),
"And we must remember that all these things, the nuances, the anomalies, the subtleties, which we assume only accessorize our days, are effective for a much larger and nobler cause. They are here to save our lives."

if you see something that makes you happy, please do send my way.
especially in, oh, 2 weeks, AKA finals week/my last-finals-week-ever.
i may need it to come out alive:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

.introducing brooke

lar's room roommate.
style blogger.
frozen yogurt lover (how couldn't you be, nowadays).
not the hamburger-type.
concert go-er.
cook (i hear all about your homemade ice cream ma'am).
the i-want-her-outfit-every-time-i-see-her type.

like, kinda everything i wish i was.........

but, get to know her for yourself. on her blog. HERE.
she was on channel 5 recently.
and, just dont be surprised if you see me wearing that second look around town... like head to toe... target, here i come!