Thursday, February 21, 2013

goals and stuff

it's not jan 1, but i have some end-of-february-on goals for 2013...

answer my phone when it rings. this is a big one. i never answer my phone. blow dry my hair at least once a month (ambitious, right?). have pizza and a movie night once a month (you can come if you want). temple, once a month with the husb (apparently i can only do monthly goals). make myself like running. go out to breakfast more. wear lipstick (even though i'm scared of lipstick and zach hates lipstick). listen to music more. make homemade cards. and make a new dessert once a week (but also go off sugar wants to be a goal as well.......).

these are just a few... i have more in my head that i dont want to put down because i havent finalized them in my head yet:)
yay for goals!

and here's a picture of me... because i'm wearing my favs scarf.

and here is a picture of my puppy guy.

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