Sunday, May 27, 2012

newport with the ladies

love these girls.
& dear newport.

but who wouldn't?

oh and mama d's? i would go there again for the service alone.
and can we PLEASE get a trader joe's in UT? if only just to wander around in.

more girls trips please. they are the best kind of trips.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

just some materialistic things to note.

1. this guy fixed my iphone for $80. apple was charging me $150. bomb.
i will post pictures of before and after because you know what, i was pumped about this.
go here for more info:
i should also note that i get $10/referral, so go break your cells, people.
but really, it took 30 min and my phone is ALL BETTER. such a relief. i feel like a new person. now i just need a new case to celebrate and keep my phone safe.

2. did you watch the season finale of Parks and Rec??
it was so sweet and perfect!
we love that show and we probably shouldn't be friends if you don't... start from the beginning and don't give up until after season two.
zach even got choked up. but don't tell him i told you. we just love those characters. all of them.

3. zach texted me a girls name that he likes the other day (i'm not pregnant - we just talk about this a lot). i just found out it's a name of a character on entourage, our latest series we've been watching. haha. we just discovered this show (or zach just told me about it). it's great. and i kind of like the name, too.

4. wallflower from bath and bodyworks. this was a tip off from our neighbors. our house smells a-maz-ing. come see/smell!

unrelated pic. i do whatever she wants. although, she looks terrified...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

hello blog

i went to din with my girls tonight.
i know i end up blogging every time i see them, but it's like i remember everything i love about them and why we are such good friends.
rin shares too much information all the time, chel is fiesty and always has tons of good stories and lar, she's just my girl (that's all who made it, can we all try to not be busy anymore?).
rinny is moving to AZ and chels is moving to vegas, which i am secretly excited about because that means trips to visit them. which i am already planning on.

in other news, i answered my door at 1030 my robe.
guys, i thought it was my brotherinlaw coming to get his 16 things he left at my house...
turns out it was the new neighbs. i told them not to tell zach... but that it was something they'd find out about eventually (i'm sorry, but after 9pm, it's robe time for liz... comfort=happy ... jeans=not comfortable).

also, i just finished the voice finale.
i won't talk about it in case anyone took my advice and started watching it.
great show.
ok, bye for now.