Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I might have called my husband 4 times today, just to talk.

and i think he maybe wants to give me away.

does he still not understand that sometimes i just want to tell him that salt lake is the color gray today.
or that i made a friend with red hair, but i cant remember her name.
or that a kid in my psychology class gave an inappropriate presentation.
or that i have 3 tests this week (kill me) but im still hanging out with lar tonight.
or that my marketing teacher pretends he knows every CEO of every large company (walmart, skullcandy, IBM, 1-800-contacts... you name it). and im pretty sure half the things he says are lies.
or that im still thinking about taking this sweater back i bo
ught 2 months ago and have worn twice...

someone tell him that he has to learn to not ask, "was there something you needed?"

no, nothing.

just saying hi..


today he asked me when the last time i talked to my girl friends was.
good point zach.
sometimes i think he's my girlfriends.
he's not.
i still need my girls.
just to say hi,
and whatever else i want to say.

but at the end of the day, he's still my buddy. and is legally bound to be.
and, therefore, has to listen to me blab and pretend to care that i rediscovered my fav pair of shoes.
(this is probably why he encouraged me to start a blog).
i'll try to limit my calls to 3 a day zach boy.
just because i love you.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

Last weekend, while zach was strategically out of town, 3 of my friends got married.
Corinne and Jenessa (who also shared an engagement post.. sorry) shared a wedding day.
Which worked out fabulous because I got to be there for both of them when they came out of the temple (my favorite time to be there.. and see them so so happy).

My friend Nick Binks got married on Saturday.
Nick is one of my best friends from high school, he would say he is my other older brother (I acquired a lot of older brothers). He got married to a darling girl, who, unfortunately for her, went to Woods Cross.
But we will still like her.
I know, all my friends are pretty..

This is my friend Corinne, some of you may have met her from a previous post.
Im obsessed with this picture.
Ive never seen my crazy corinne so genuinely happy.
she's like a new person lately.

Bradford: "By the time my milk expired, we will be married..."
(i might have fbook stalked them. whatever).
How could you not love these 2.
They are so in love and have been for years.
And i love both of them.

I may have looked weird taking tons of pics of them,
but I just love the way he looks at her.and here is nick and katie.
they are very pretty.
does she look identical to my sister-in-law kelsey?
or am i going crazy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

If you missed Saloon Night, then you missed out

Drew had his saloon party to end wedding weekend and begin spring break (not for me, just for people who go to cool colleges).

Once again, It was a night to remember...
A portion of the night included:

*portuguese duel
*ghost story
*deer skinning demonstration (lar being the deer)
*puppet show
*drinks all around
*poetry reading
*and oh so much more..

some (my husband) call it a high school reunion, but really its just our bff's (and a few people i didnt know)...
i love bountiful.

more than anything, i wish zach could have been there to get a feel for what bountiful really is like, because i think its the best place ever.
you cant beat this.

This is my fave picture. I dont know whether it is lar and jake (front standing), sean (mustache in the back), or a combination of the people and their poses and expressions, but i think its awesome.

Thank you bartender Drew, never a let down at the Van Dyke household.
and yes, that is shasta...
i would have thought we were drunk, too...

I like this girl. And love this shot of her.
Yes, Golgi Apparatus did do a few performances throughout the night.

I love drinking out of a shot glass, my goofy, goofy hat, and my new blue nail polish.
As you can see, I am clearly a cowgirl.

They looked the part
very well
i looked up to them

This is an annual thing. you are ALL invited next year.
Including you zach.
(dont feel bad for him, he was at the NCAA tourny in Cali)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Today is a good day.

Today, I was chatting with my editor about what i'm working on and he said...
"Ok, sounds great, im not worried about what you're doing you always get everything done. Ive been very impressed with you. You've done a great job with the mens tennis and i know they are really happy about it and im happy with it too."

I was almost at a loss for words.
That's the best thing ive heard all year..

I also went to my academic advisor today and mapped out my graduation plan.

(by almost, I mean a year.. but ill take it)

And Im obsessed with this weather.

And im making my husband come get a cupcake with me at the best cupcake place ever.

really, today is a good day.

here is a link so you guys can meet my tennis friends.
I had to put together a slide show- and I blame my camera for the blurry pics.
I wont claim to be a photographer of any sort, but there are at least a few good shots.
The first and last shots are my fav.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Neutron Interactive is hiring rockstars in SLC!

Let me know if you are interested....

We have a kickball team...

p.s. I bought a box of Samoa girl scout cookies just in time for my husband to be out of town for the rest of the week... strategic planning people...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Long, Murdock Hyundai

For those of you who dont know, im now working at Neutron Interactive as an online marketing specialist...

I love it.
It's an awesome company with amazing owners who have created a very motivating environment for their employees.
I really have been very impressed by them and what they've done with their company.
And I like being there.

But, this also means I had to leave murdock
it was kind of sad.

so, good bye murdock!
you will be missed.
(not so much the saturdays)
but i will miss the guys I worked with.
yes, even alex.

and, i will tell you something else if you dont already know...
over a year working at hyundai, and i have been converted.
not so much the Veracruz or Genesis.
but the new Tucson...
yes, please.

here are some pics from the summer BBQ.
makes me excited for summer...

this is one of blake murdock's cute girls..
one thing i learned is that all murdocks are so darling.

crazy managers paul and casey..
to whom i will forever be known to as "liz rock"

taylor, a mini joe belmonte.. darling kid. great dad.
who had to deal with me quite a bit...
and who always thought i was creepy for looking at other people's kids (on blogs.. i may or may not have had a lot of downtime at work).

joe: "just get one of your own already!"

no, thanks. i'll just look at yours.
ok, i am kind of creepy.

michelle.. one of the 4 girls who worked there...
she also took all of these photos.. not me
she is a fabulous photographer by the way..

garrett and his gf are on the left.
i know a lot about her.
i loved asking garrett tons of questions about his relationship...
and pretending like i have WAY good relationship advice (i dont)
but it is a great way to pass the time.

and sis-in-law kelsey.
i will miss her coming and hanging out at work with me for hours.
im sure casey misses this, too:)

dont know where alexander is in this pic, we may have purposely cut him out.
but i am going to miss alex, he is a good listener for appx 30 seconds at a time.
and he was always good to split a soda with me.

all in all, murdock will be missed.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Some Sundays me and zach boy go to in-and-out burger at midnight.....
because we want it
and because it's in PROVO
and because we don't have to put baby's in car seats to leave

Other Sundays we pretend we're grown ups and have a kid (or just steal a baby from zach's sister).
because we love him
and because I love seeing zach change a diaper... literally for the first time ever
and follow baby Ira around all night
and do whatever he wants
and give him whatever he wants

It makes me want a baby.... but then I start thinking about in-n-out burger again...

and pretty sure that if i'm debating food and baby's even close to in the same category... baby will have to wait for another few years... for the baby's sake.

But I will take your baby for the weekend...
(especially this little cutie)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vienna sausage, you ruined my night.

enough said.
but then I watched a really, really good episode of 24 and felt much better.

And tonight i'm going to eat at crown burger..
I love a good old jr. crown burger with fries and fry sauce.. i always have.
but I think im becoming obsessed with food.
I think about food the majority of the day...

is this a problem???
but, whatever.

My friend told me that this older guy she works with (older meaning 40 ish) told her he works out so he can eat whatever he wants.

Sometimes I think about this and think its a great idea... but then i dont work out.

i know, i know, it will catch up to me, but for now... i will eat.
(i just ate a snickers, and yes, i am still going to crown burger).

at anytime of the day I could eat oreos and milk OR potato chips and ketchup as a meal... but i usually choose top ramen instead

im gross you guys.

i just needed you to know.