Monday, November 30, 2009


what do you have on your headboard?
tootie frooties and sparklers?
ya same with my 16-year-old brother.
and yes, that is duct tape holding up the the tootie frooties
happy bday terry joseph.

Friday, November 27, 2009

4 down 4 to go!

you guys 2 more of my friends got engaged.
and i couldnt be happier.

and i might only have 8 friends, i might not.

crazy corinney and danny. I love that many of their pictures are as fun and cute and make me as happy as this one. love you two. take care of this girl danny long legs. she's a wild one.

jenessa & bradford. not just high school sweathearts, but BOUNTIFUL high school sweethearts. love it. i know this pic is blurry but i thought it was so sweet. and when they came over to our house {apartment} B kept kissing ness on the forehead and i loved it.

Congrats you four. thanks for getting married.

And although you people planned your weddings on the same day, never fear. L&Z will be to both.

Also, I've been trying to upload this video that was on my friend Camille's blog,
but i keep failing.
So check it out here. if you have not already seen it.
I thought it was sweet
and worth watching.
hope you all had a nice thanksgiving.
we did.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

thank you for thanksgiving

byu has one break in the semester, and that is thanksgiving break. no spring break, not presidents day break, no fall break; nonetheless, i'll take what i can get.

thank you byu for giving me a break for thanksgiving.
now only if murdock hyundai would give me a break too....

im very excited to go to my family's cabin for the break, i was put in charge of cranberry sauce and a tasty drink. mainly because i told my aunt that i could make cranberry sauce {i made it last year and it was a success} she didnt have as much faith in me though. responding hesitantly she said,"oh from the can?" No, not from the can sandy. I'll show you, you people of little faith in liz's cooking.

Also I have to make a pie for zach's family's thanksgiving on sunday....hmm. ive never made a pie. but i loooove french silk pie. so i'll try that. zach said they'd like it. but sometimes he lies to me. like about living on a hill with a view. do people like french silk pie for thanksgiving? or do they stick with pumpkin and apple. oh well, im making french silk.

the only thing im sad about is that my babies (van, ash, lins, and lace)arent coming to the cabin. i love them and i want to keep them.

but i do get to go see where the wild things are with my mom and grandma (and maybe my babies van and asher) today. i hope i like it as much as i liked the book!

this is my favorite picture of van and ann dee at the hot air balloon thing in provo on the 4th of july. i love it and im going every year.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

just some things to note.

Deigo's: thank you for your tortillas. yum. and thank you for giving candice & dave a reason to come to provo.
acutane: i hate you.
snow: im not ready for you yet.
thanksgiving break: please come faster.
ness: you can sleep over anytime.
black friday: bring it on.
zachary: thank you for unloading the dishwasher.
mom and dad: let me come to NY with you. i neeeeed to.
murdock hyundai: i hope you like the christmas tree i drew on that post it note and stuck on the window.
fudge in my kitchen: im glad you're there.
in-and-out burger: thank you for coming to my city. just another way of bribing people to come out here.
uno attack: we finally got you some batteries and you are a HIT... (i know. not funny).
football season: will you please end so my husband can get back to his life and i can cancel our hd.
little brother: please dont turn 16, i feel like i just turned 16. what a night.
BBQ for lunch in the snow: i'll pass.
online shopping: whoever came up with you is a genius.
statistics: no thank you.
business minor: you're hard.
lacey and linsy: im so excited to spend the weekend with you.
bountiful: my husband tricked me into marrying him by telling me he liked you and wanted to live on hill with a view. he doesnt really.
car: i finally changed the cd. i like you Ingrid Michaelson.not as much as av, but i like you.
christmas music: i cant wait for you.

Friday, November 13, 2009


tonight i ate 8 pot stickers {and was maybe still hungry}.
and when zach asked if he could have the last bite of the last one, i said no and put it in my mouth.
about five minutes later he said, "remember when i was eating lunch today and i let you have the last bite of my burrito."

you guys im a crappy wife.
and im very possessive of my food.
and i never cook dinner.
i need help.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

I wore my seatbelt {almost} everytime I got into the car the last four days.
Your welcome husband.
And the rest of you concerned for my well-being.

how could you not love Bountiful. it's perfect. especially in the fall. i love this place. and i stole these pictures off my friends facebook.

Monday, November 9, 2009

my ali

my bff ali and I met for a much needed lunch and shopping today.

and just so you know i love this girl.

Friday, November 6, 2009

i love..

afternoon naps.
going to dinner with daley's, dave and high school pal e west.
having ry b and mag come over for a late night chat.
and on top of all that watching our thursday night shows until one in the morning.

i love thursdays.

Monday, November 2, 2009

And then there was one...

I have some good news and some bad news.

Good: I wanted to first say happy birthday to my little ones, chocolate lar bar and chelmer glue. you guys are VERY old now.

but, i feel like we were in the flamingo costume, chalking cannon cottle {every friday night for 3 months}, and prank calling mo town {too many times to count} like it was yesterday. we made quite a team.

I dont know why i like this pic so much, I think just that it catches a good memory.

Bad: My main point of this blog though, is to tell you the bad news. Little lar has left provo.

Who is going to come play with me when zach plays basketball on wednesdays. and who is going to help ruin chocolate chip cookies with me, or go to the store with me when all i have in my cupboards are potatoe chips and tuna fish.

maggie, im sorry to say that me and zach are going to be requiring more of your time now. we cant just count library time as the only quality time we have, zach needs you too.
well, good bye bug.
you are missed.
{and this is just probably my favorite picture of me and lar, or avril lavigne, whatever..}

Last night I asked zach why we never hang out with my friends, and he said it was because i didnt have any friends.
Although this is not true, it is true that i only have one friend left in provo.
{at least one friend that would come watch tv with me and my husband on demand}.

Please dont leave us alone in this city mag!
{and this is just a pic of some faves from freshman year, i need you here mag pie. provo just wouldnt be the same}.