Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank you Sony, for making my day (maybe week) better

Guys, I learned (zach showed me, handy to have a video editor in the home) how to put vids on the blog.
I hope your excited.
Cuz I am.

This is the best commercial ever.
I'm serious.
I seriously have watched it over and over this past week.

I feel like its inspiring. I dont know whether its the bouncy balls, San Francisco, the music, the color or what... but i love. i love it all.

Lately, when I feel stressed or annoyed or frustrated (which has been a lot), I watch this and feel better.
And so, in honor of another semester down...
watch this and feel free.
and happy.
and giddy.
and in need of a bouncy ball...
or a hundred.

until next week when the next semester starts again..
and the stress settles in.

(you have to press play and then move the curser forward a little.. give me a break, its my first time..)

zach said you guys might not like it as much as i do because that song is also on our wedding vid, so i am "subconsciously drawn to it" i think were the words he used.

but i think you will.

there is a longer version on youtube if you are interested.. i like that one better.. i just didnt want to lose you, my readers:)

(also, you should watch it in full screen)

and sony you sold me, i'll take two.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Morning Zoo

Yes, you read right.

I need to tell you something..
I listen to 97.1ZHT in the mornings on my way to work.
Not just some mornings.
Every morning.

Yes, I have an ipod, and yes, i still have kelly clarkson in my cd player..
but Jessica, Frankie, and Danger Boy (DB) are really growing on me.
And now I have to know tomorrows "Hollywood Sleeze."

Dont tell my husb, he really wouldnt like this.

and um, did i mention that i saw DAVID ARCHULETTA last weekend?
and did i mention that i LOVE FAMOUS PEOPLE?
well, now you know.
me and my little bro followed him around at the airport last year, and then i saw him again at the blaze game. yes, i went to a blaze game.

and, did i mention that im supposed to be studying for finals right now??
next on my list.. vacuuming. my neighbors love it when i vacuum at 11.. at night..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bye comms 321. You wont be missed.

Oh hey. As you may know, me and my husb are each others publicists: please click here to watch this commercial he made. Its thirty seconds long and thirty seconds great. But i am also a publicist for the tennis team... so go here...

These Guys deserved the front page.
Im serious I love my little tennis team. They're awesome.

And in case your wondering, I went from here:

To here:

To here:

So, I think I can do anything.
I really kind of do.

And, just so you know, I have a cute husband.
Who texted everyone (and I mean everyone) in his phone this:

"My little liz worked hard and got her story on the front page of the school paper. I want her to feel special so text her and congratulate her."

Including his friends ex-girlfriends, second uncles once removed, and Obama.
And my face turned bright red every time I received a text.
(I finally had a friend send me the text he sent because he denied it every time, implying that his cousins wife's brother reads BYU's school paper. Oh Zachy).

Monday, April 12, 2010

finals time and a song that will make you happy!

im back.

im sorry ive been gone for so long.
this school stuff is reallllly catching up to me.

But, I am obsessed with this song lately.
Me and zach rock out to it every time we are in the car..
which is a lot.
and it makes me way happy.


click here

doesnt it just make you want to move?
(I really need to learn how to upload vids btw..)

p.s. I received a finals survival kit from my mama. it was the best thing ever. Free ice cream cone at the creamery, a byu water bottle and towel. made my day.

i like my school.