Friday, September 21, 2012

For your friday...

my boss sent me this commercial the other day... i guess my love for bulldogs is well known, i can't imagine how.
it is funny and, as you can imagine, i love that pup.
then i sent it to z. and he said, "i've already seen that."
so... please enjoy, or enjoy again.
and TGIF!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

summa recap...since summer is, like, over

have you noticed that THE NIGHTS ARE GETTING COLD.
i hate it. i want warm nights forever and ever.
please enjoy this little piece of our summer. although we are actually not included in this post...
and i feel like i should tell you that when people told me they watched keeping up with the kardashians, i was like, why? boring and pointless and i'm above at least the kardashians...... and then kris humphries and kim fell apart and their relationship unraveled before the world's eyes and i could not resist. i just HAD to KNOW how it HAPPENED. i know you wanted to know, too. 
and now i need to know what they are up to every sunday night. 
and scott, too. 
so that's why.
also, tv is not all i do.

fresh peaches and kirkland brand ice cream. a summer staple, right along with fresh tomato toast. quite possibly my favorite thing to eat of all time. 

me and pam took this one to this one secret store where we get all our clothes, and kids under 16 can't go into the room with the best stuff in sketchy, i know... but she knows the place well and knew exactly where she hangs out there. she sat in her little chair by the entrance and waved to us and watched us shop. she will be a very good little shopper one day.

mr. frank's summer activities. he is very active.
for 20 minutes a day.
and then he sleeps and waddles around for the other 23.5 hrs a day.

fatty, just chilling like a little fatty.

bless those olympics. it made for so many fun nights.
and here is a little preview of our family olympics, it was kind of awesome. 
we sang the national anthem...basically after each event. and lace said the pledge of allegiance for us when she won gold. i love these kids. (many of the pics are compliments from my aunt katy, the master at documenting life)

frankfurt's fav toy. little lamby. he loves his toys and brings them with him everywhere he goes. literally cannot leave his room without a toy. such a crazy, that one.

oh aaaaand this happened. i am trying to pretend that it didn't, now that every thing is back in ship shape... it was a rough go. especially because it wasn't my car.... but ali and josh were very good about it. they really are the best. especially that ali girl.

and this is my baby. and this is his favorite spot outside. he is our favorite guy. in case you hadn't noticed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Drew's Reel Hooker Saloon

words cannot describe.
weeks of effort were put into this saloon.

OF COURSE the guest of honor was there.

i don't know this person. but i quite like this pic. also, i stole all of these pics from drew. thanks drew!

ben and his girlfriend, rachel. she's a doll.
and this was after they performed the annual puppet show. yes, every minute is scheduled at the saloon. wouldn't expect anything less.

the man of the hour.

i could squeeze him all day long. and so could every one who came in contact with him in his bandana. zach had to work, so frank and lauren were my dates. always a night to remember drew. i really truly hope we are attending the reel hooker saloon when we are 60.

Monday, September 10, 2012

fresh air and cabin time

island park is far away, 4.5 hrs... but the air there is different. so cool, crisp... the water, so cold and perfect - right out of the tap.
it's always a nice getaway. come sometime. ben brought his girlfriend. she's cute. more people=more fun. that's our motto. frank came, too. of course. he loves it there... can you say freedom?? (get real guys, he doesn't wander more than 3 feet away from us... clingy, that one).

here are a few pics. i might add more from zachs phone later if you are lucky. i kind of forget to take pics up there because i have no service,t hus never have my phone. which is relaxing in and of itself.

frank's preferred seating on this said 4.5 hr drive.

see the moose? this is from the cabin porch.

this baby was on benadryl. the poor tired pup. i love that he wants to be held like a baby. such a FATTY!!!!

b and his bud. they are both fatties.

yellowstone. it is beautiful... but i have to say, i'd rather be in island park hanging at my cabin. yes, i am lame, but i swear taking a walk at my cabin is just as beautiful... so WHY MORE DRIVING. 

oh, hello 30th buffalo! sorry for the sarcasm. if you haven't been, you should certainly go... i've just been like 30 times... so i want to do another puzzle and rent a movieand hang with the fam... and a little 4wheeling and smores.

fun little trip. we love being with my fam and having my pops make us yummy breakfast every morning:)

Friday, September 7, 2012

newport beach 2012

did you hear that we love newport beach??
you have??
well, we love all of the helm traditions that go along with it as well. oh how i am craving a tommy's burger right now. just hits that spot. every time.
one year, i don't know when, but one year i am going for the whole week... every time i'm there i just wish i had more time. and i covet all the people who actually live there. i wish i was one of those people. so much. i did miss going to LA this year, but there is always next year.

                                           oh that mac mac. another little ball of chunk. love.

love this pic. we'll miss you next year drewy.

my motherinlaw at our fav shop to browse but never buy. her hair looks great in cali.

you may have to go to long beach for these blessed chicken and waffles. but please do it.

rubs and her bum and her mama.

family pics. we try these every year, and i have to say, i think these are the best so far. good job pammy.

becks little face in this pic is perfect. such a stud. and that hair? i keep telling jess to grow it out, he's a little beach bum and growing up so fast. sure love these babies.

what the freckles? this is what the sun does to me.


italian kisses= one kiss per cheek. she has him, and everyone, eating out of the palm of her hands. as you may have noticed, the ratio of ruby pics to every other person/thing is ridiculous. but can you blame me?

love this pic of z and his mama. thank you helms for such a great vacation and tradition. we always look forward to it.