Monday, January 16, 2012

i hate my husband sometimes

like when he becomes chums with people like, say, KATE BOSWORTH.

you need details, right?

so z was asked a couple days ago if he could help out on the set of some movie, no big deal right?
turns out our girl kate bosworth is dating the director of said movie. so of course she's just hanging out on the set.
and of course zach starts chatting it up with her.

no big deal, it's just kate bosworth.
i only have blue crush or 21 recorded on my dvr pretty much AT ALL TIMES.
but whatever.

i seriously asked if he was joking like 7 times in a row. and then this was our texting convo:

z: I just chatted with her for a minute. she is cool.
me: what the freak? ask her why she wasn't at the globes? are you going to tt her again? (tt is how we say "talk to" because it's super hard to just write that out, duh).
z: ya. we cool.

ya, cool dude, peace out.
ALL MY TEXTS would be in ALL CAPS if i was chillin' with KATE.
that's all I have to say about that. for now.
but if they talk again, you bet you'll be hearing about it.


  1. WTF?! (because I agree to long to write out. :)) Tell Zach to work his magic and get you on the set, and maybe marcus and I. :)

  2. oh i'm trying. but i have a feeling he would be embarrassed because sometimes i have a staring problem. and i'm not very good at acting "cool" around famous people!

  3. TC (totally cool, I made that one up!). Your hilarious! About your previous comment, I'm totally down with hanging out at our place. Michelle never allows it, her sweet self! Us girls should go hot tubing this week! It's our turn right!?

  4. Right! I'm down anytime (you guys are the busy ones with your babes so let me know whenever and I'm there!!)