Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a pep talk from a kid.

this kind of made my night last night.
from my memory, my favorite is: "what if michael jordan had quit in high school??
then there'd be no SPACE JAM!!
and space jam's my favorite."

Saturday, January 26, 2013

wreck-it ralph

did you hear my little brother is leaving on his mission soon??!!
of course you did
well, right at 5 on the day frankie got neutered, tj was at my house waiting for me to get home from work so he could check on the little puppy guy.
then he was just sleeping his life away, so we decided to go to a movie that started in 15 min.
zach got home and off we went.
and do we ever go into the theaters empty-handed? never.
i went all out at our quick gas station stop.
reisen.hersheys kisses.haribo frogs.
turns out zach and tj dont like any of these things. mtn dew anyone? yes, at least they liked those.
then i went all out at the theater. popcorn AND a drink?? i am a megaplex reward member, so the drink was free, but man!
i just figured, yolo, you know (i learned that phrase from the other high school aged brother)? and also, i dont get to spoil the kid for another 2 yrs.
turns out zach and tj dont like popcrn...
what is wrong with them?
besides all that. wreck it ralph was so good. it was perfect. and one that all should see.
and even zach and tj loved it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

me. and z. right now.

thanks, carrie.
i love your hair. like love love.

*also zach likes to teach me things. like history things. because i known nothings about that stuff. tonight he watched 4 hrs of the history channel and is now recapping the history of the masons for me. so, let me know if you want to know anything mason.

*quote, "what are you writing? im just comparing the history of our founding fathers and their ties to the masons and the influence you see in washington and all our monuments that the masons have inspired. and the declaration of independence. aaaand our currency. aaaand etc. etcetc. etc."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

frankie and my tv time

this little guy has been crazy lately. if you come over he will be SO EXCITED. because he just KNOWS you are there to see him.
and he may or may not bark at you if you are just sitting there enjoying a television program... he would like you to be cleaning or cooking. this is no joke. if i am cleaning - vacuuming, dusting, laundry, putting things away - he loves it. he wants to be right be my side, you know, making sure i don't miss a spot and leaving frank hair all over my newly vacuumed couch. he's in heaven.
but turn on the tv and it's game over. until he falls asleep or becomes interested in the show. but he is mainly only interested in cartoons and shows with animals.
someone should tell him that the tv is an important part of my life...

Monday, January 21, 2013


today i cried 3 times. whatthefreak. it must be one of those one weeks. not that im saying it is, but i HAVE to have an excuse for that.
because i dont cry or have emotions often. and once was during the bachelor when shaun brought thegirlwithonearm's dog to the mansion to see her?? 
HA. im totally crazy! (i hate that i did that, too, i promise).

zach put this clip on facebook today and said that it reminds him (and everyone) of me. yikes, i hate me! you guys! im sorry!

...first, it was on my way to work. i remembered something we were talking about last night, about one of my husbands friends who died a few years ago. and it came from no where, the tears, but i just got so sad. thinking of him talking about his friend.

and then once was because my family keeps going on vacations without me. and it made me so sad today that im missing that time and those memories with them. and they are in my favorite city might i add. but since im an adult, i cant go on vacation every other week, i guess. but still. i miss my family. (dont feel too bad, they live up the street from me and i just got home from thailand). but i told zach that NO ONE can go on ANY more vacations without ME. because im a seven year old, i guess. he laughed at me. he almost couldnt stop laughing. 

and then. it's MLK day. did you get the day off of work? no? me neither. because utah does not observe this holiday. even though we should definitely observe all holidays by taking the day off of work and going on vacation.

but i still observed the holiday by reading justin timberlake's twitter which had an MLK quote. and it was one that hit me.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

i learned a long time ago that "killing with kindness" actually works. and, although it's not as graceful of a statement, i think it goes along with what mlk was talking about. light, love, kindness makes all the difference in life. and it's one of those important things in life and one of those things that i still have to remind myself of almost on a daily basis (which is sad!). but i love how MLK put it, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. it's so obvious, and something i have heard in many different ways, but it makes so much sense. so my day got better (it was never that bad, just... you know, a day). 
and im glad ---- and ---- went home on the bach and that ---- stayed. (not making that spoiler mistake again!).  
and i like my husband and dog. like love them. or just love them.

Friday, January 18, 2013

frank and his manhood

Frank got neutered yesterday. Poor little guy. and he was just SO EXCITED when i dropped him off at the vet in the morning. he had no idea what was coming.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did we say Merry Christmas?

of course not, we were out of the country.
but we do hope you had a merry christmas.
now can the snow leave us alone yet? oh wait, we live in UT. I'll be hiding in my house for 5 more months.

(don't mind our iphone photo)

ali tanner cummings made our xmas cards this year. and they turned out so cute.
she's accepting orders for next year, so book away ladies and men (what? there are crazy amounts of men that read my blog, you guys). (not really about the men, but really, you should contact her about all of your design needs, she does it all).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


we are back in town! and i am blogging.
our trip was absolutely amazing.
we went to thailand - if you haven't heard (if you follow me on instagram, you have heard 700 times... sorry about that).
please enjoy this video that my sweet husband made of our trip.
he took his camera along the ride for ev-ry-thing (and that thing weighs like 20lbs... ok maybe not 20, but more than i could hold around my neck for longer than 30 min)... and we so appreciate it. he captured moments that we will be able to remember forever now. interactions and memories that take you right back to that place. we will be watching it for years to come, and wishing we were back there. 
and it blew all of our minds. i don't know what we were expecting, but it was better. perfect.

you all will love it. my favorite is the beginning. can't watch it without smiling.
enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

and here is a note from zach before you watch... it was actually an email to the people on the trip when he emailed us the link... but it is just as relevant to you. change the quality. so worth it: "Here is a link to the Thailand Video. Please switch it from 720p to 1080p and let it load up for your maximum viewing pleasure (And because I took the time to shoot it in 1080p you damn well better watch it like that), you can switch that on the video itself at the bottom right. Enjoy."