Tuesday, November 5, 2013

powell. this was june.

powell this year should be worth mentioning because powell is always one of the best trips of the year. i love riding around in the boat, the food we eat, that we camp, staying up late talking and playing my favorite games (catch phrase and mafia, duh) and spending time with the fam. oh and cait and sloth. and the helm's ward family.

it really is so fun. every year.
oh unless you get a bug the makes you throw up a couple times a day.

that was this year.

it's just not as much fun riding on a boat in the heat when you are trying not to barf over the side.
and it's so stupid when you have to crawl out of your tent in the middle of the night to throw up.
and when you cant stay up to play games or enjoy the food that tastes so good there. (ugh, ok, i ate it anyway. fully knowing what the consequences would be).
and then you get no relief or ability to hydrate yourself because... you're still  in lake powell. and it's 130 degrees. UGH.

next year will be perf. cant wait.
(everyone thought for sure i was pregs). (except cand). (and i wasnt).

btw... matthew schuller (wrecking ball) and jacquie lee (i put a spell on you) just blew my mind on the voice. omg, you guys.

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